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Hackers foil Samsung S8’s iris recognition technology using only a photo...

Among the phone's new features was its iris recognition technology, which would allow users to unlock their phones merely by pointing the camera at their unique iris patterns

WannaCry attack: Suspicion around North Korea deepens

Security company Symantec says its researchers have now found more similarities in the code and attack infrastructure between the malicious software used in the WannaCry ransomware attacks and other attacks attributed to the Lazarus Group

US government spaceplane contract awarded to Boeing

Boeing will be completing the advanced design work for the Experimental Spaceplane XS-1 programme run by the agency, which is part of the US Department of Defense

Terror guides and bomb-making manuals ‘openly available on social media’

An investigation by The Times found terrorism-related material and guidance is being hosted on social media platforms, potentially in breach of UK laws

Sing the national anthem, says China – but only at this...

A law is being prepared to set the tempo at which the ballad should be played and sung, with consequences for those who put the anthem in a "damaging situation"

Dutch king reveals double life as an airline pilot for KLM

For 21 years, King Willem-Alexander has taken to the skies twice a month to ferry passengers around on short-haul services for the Dutch airline KLM

Huge bee swarm sparks rush-hour standstill in southeast London

Commuters stopped in their tracks as the swarm filled the air in Greenwich Church Street, close to Greenwich market, on Tuesday evening

Land Rover sinks in sand at New Jersey beach ‘as driver...

Police and a tow company were called to Island Beach State Park in New Jersey on Tuesday

Sinkhole opens up in front of Donald Trump’s seaside estate

The hole appeared on the road just outside the National Historic Landmark in Palm Beach, where the Trump Organisation operates a private club

Ex-MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden dies at 35

American motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden has died in Italy, five days after being hit by a car while training on his bicycle.He was 35.Hayden...