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Westminster sex harassment: Who is accused of doing what?

The scandal has already claimed the scalp of the Defence Secretary and many believe the allegations that have emerged are just the beginning

Texas church gunman Devin Kelley shot himself after high-speed car chase

Devin Kelley exchanged gunfire with two men who chased his car off the road after the massacre, said Sheriff Joe Tackitt

Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm in $130bn deal

A successful takeover by Broadcom would combine two of the largest makers of wireless communications chips for mobile phones

Matthew Scully-Hicks found guilty of murdering adopted daughter Elsie

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, had been looking after Elsie when she went into cardiac arrest in May 2016

Cult leader Orson William Black Jr arrested after triple murder

US national Orson William Black Jr was detained in the Mexican border state of Chihuahua over the weekend, alongside his four wives and 22 other Americans, including some minors

Pru fires starting gun on break-up of £10bn UK annuities book

Sky News has learnt that the Pru has begun contacting potential buyers of chunks of the pension annuities business in the last few weeks

Kim Jong Nam: North Korea official ‘met suspects’ shortly after murder

Two women are on trial accused of murdering Kim Jong Nam by throwing VX nerve gas into his face at Kuala Lumpur Airport on 13 February

Danny Brough apologises after being sent home from Scotland’s Rugby League...

"It was obviously very disappointing that the three of them chose to continue drinking at a point in time when they clearly should have stopped," Hogg said

Samsung’s new ad pokes fun at iPhone X’s ‘notch’

The ad, called Growing Up, shows the man over the years with the various iPhones - and how they compare to the Galaxy models

Billions of Autumn Leaves Being Collected

With autumn in full flow, City of Wolverhampton Council is in the midst of removing billions of leaves from pavements, streets, parks and open...