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Pub to fine customers who mention the royal wedding on Saturday

The Alexandra Hotel will even fine people with a "swear box" for those who let slip anything about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day

Laurel or Yanny? Audio has internet in a spin

The clip, which began circulating on Tuesday evening, features a robot voice, and it is quickly becoming an audio version of the black-and-blue or white-and-gold dress debate which took over in 2015

‘Hero’ pilot lands plane in China after co-pilot sucked through broken windshield

Liu Chuanjian braved the intense cold and blasting wind to coax the plane into a safe landing in southwest Chin

Dying for sex: ‘Frantic’ mating driving Australian marsupials to extinction

Scientists from Queensland University of Technology say biologists are racing against the clock to save the species from extinction

Cat named Pawfficer Donut to serve with Michigan police

The female kitten was asked to raise her right paw as she was officially sworn in after a successful interview, reported Michigan Live

Rapper Dr Dre loses trademark battle with gynaecologist Dr Drai

The Still D.R.E. rapper - whose real name is Andre Young - objected to the trademark application of the doctor and "media personality" whose nickname is spelled differently but sounds the same as the music producer's

Donald Trump’s hotel in Scotland bans Irn-Bru

The ban was revealed after guests asked for the drink to be supplied at an event but were refused because of concerns it stains the carpet when spilt

Men in fake spacesuits arrested over NASA ‘scam’

Indian police tweeted a picture of the father and son duo wearing crinkly silver material and floppy topped helmets after a businessman complained he had been duped out of £156,000

Canadian zoo fined after taking bear out for ice cream

Discovery Wildlife Park in Alberta, Canada, drove Berkley the bear to a Dairy Queen to get ice cream and shared a video of him being fed through a window by the store's owner

Sharks really like jazz music, say scientists in Australia

Scientists at Australia's Macquarie University Fish Lab have found that the fish are able to associate music with food rewards - and jazz is more their bag than classical


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