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‘Police called’ as Build-A-Bear teddy sale sparks chaos

Build-A-Bear launched its first ever "pay your age day", with parents able to buy a teddy costing their child's age in pounds

Man with world’s longest fingernails gets them cut after 66 years

Shridhar Chillal's extraordinarily long nails have now gone on display at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in New York

Poisonous books found in library of University of Southern Denmark

The discovery in a university library has echoes of the novel and film The Name Of The Rose, which sees a string of monks in a 14th-century Italian monastery killed off by the toxic pages of a forbidden manuscript

Dozens of ‘drunk’ seagulls found on South West beaches

Some have died and others are seriously ill, with the RSPCA saying the birds were probably feeding on waste products from a local brewery or alcohol producer

Have moths won their 60-million-year war with bats once and for all?

At first glance it might appear to be a mismatch. Not only do they have a significant size advantage, but bats also have sonar allowing them to navigate in the dark

Trump ‘angry baby’ blimp gets green light to fly over London during president’s visit

London mayor Sadiq Khan's Greater London Authority has approved a request for the flight after thousands signed a petition and a crowdfunding campaign raised more than £16,000 to get the six-metre inflatable off the ground

Nut-rich diets improve sperm count and power, study says

Scientists made the claim after conducting a randomised trial which measured conventional semen parameters and molecular changes over 14 weeks

Man pays parking ticket… 44 years late

Police in Minersville, in Schuylkill County, received a handwritten note from Dave confessing that he had an unpaid parking ticket - along with a $5 bill

South African woman found alive in morgue after being pronounced dead

The woman was found breathing by mortuary technicians several hours after being certified dead by paramedics at the scene of the pile-up outside Carletonville, southwest of Johannesburg

Are Chernobyl wolves spreading mutant genes?

The site became off limits to humans after the nuclear power plant disaster on 26 April 1986, due to concerns about the level of radiation, although it has opened to tourism in recent years


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