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D’oh! Driver caught with Homer Simpson licence in Milton Keynes

Whichever way, it was not the best choice of fake picture. Not if you want to evade detection, anyway

‘Cyborg’ fined after implanting Sydney travel card chip under his skin

The 34-year-old man, whose legal name is Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow, had the chip from the card inserted under his skin by a piercing expert in 2017

Tons of gold fall from the sky as Russian cargo plane malfunctions on take-off

The aircraft was carrying £265m worth of platinum, gold and diamonds when the hatch flew open - sending the precious metals plummeting back to earth

How platypus milk could solve the antibiotics crisis

A breakthrough by Australian scientists has found that the platypus - which is already a unique creature - is also in possession of fairly unique biochemistry

Afghan toddler named after US President Trump

The 18-month-old was born in Afghanistan's central Daykundi Province as his famous namesake was running for the US presidency

Eight epic flops from the Museum of Failure as it arrives in Hollywood

The exhibition, which was originally started in Sweden, finds a permanent home in LA showcasing ideas including Colgate lasagne, Betamax and even the DeLorean featured in Back To The Future films

Have Amelia Earhart’s bones been found?

Ms Earhart disappeared on 2 July, 1937, along with her navigator Fred Noonan

World’s oldest message in a bottle found on coast of western Australia

The bottle was found by Tonya Illman and Grace Ricciardo in the dunes near Wedge Island in January

Should have done feta: Brighton cheese festival runs out of… cheese

The Big Cheese Festival, held on Saturday, fell at the final curdle with organisers blaming "adverse weather conditions" for the shortage

World’s ‘oldest tattoos’ found on ancient Egyptian mummies

The inkings pre-date previous evidence for tattooing in Africa by 1,000 years


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