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Richard Branson reveals his astronaut training as space visit looms

The 67-year-old Virgin boss has set his sights on turning commercial space travel into a reality since he founded Virgin Galactic and hopes to be among the first space tourists

YouTuber and video games critic John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain dies aged 33

Bain, who publicly announced he had bowel cancer in 2015, revealed last month that his liver was failing and that he was retiring from reviewing games

‘Unlikely’ string of events sees Amazon Alexa go rogue

US news outlet KIRO 7 reported that a woman, identified only as Danielle from Portland, Oregon, had been unaware of what happened until she received a phone call from her husband's employee

Samsung ordered to pay $539m for copying iPhone features

A jury, which deliberated for almost five days, backed Apple's claim that Samsung had copied some of its technology used to power the iPhone

Government slammed for ‘unacceptable’ facial recognition delays

These images have been used to automatically scan crowds across the country despite questions over whether this constitutes illegal mass surveillance

Kremlin planning Champions League cyber attack, Ukrainian state agency claims

Talos Intelligence - the security arm of computer networking firm Cisco, which detected the attack - said it was releasing the information before their investigations are complete because of the urgency in preventing the attack

NASA sends coldest place in universe into space

NASA's Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) is a chamber which cools a cloud of atoms known as Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) to a fraction of a degree above absolute zero

UK begins to formalise its legal approach to cyber war

Just as physically damaging attacks would be breaches of international law, so are cyber attacks which go beyond espionage according to the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC

Explained: Why birds don’t have teeth

New research by scientists at the University of Bonn suggests a reason why birds do not have beaks - and it's not to do with their weight or with hunting worms

Uber to offer drivers ‘free’ pay protections under insurance policy

The ride-hailing app, which is battling to secure its operating licences in London, York and Brighton amid safety concerns, said it was to provide its 70,000 UK "partners" with free insurance cover


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