Chinese baby abandoned and ‘posted’ to orphanage

Chinese baby abandoned and ‘posted’ to orphanage


Chinese police have arrested a woman accused of abandoning her own baby by posting it to an orphanage.

The infant had been wrapped in plastic bags and sent by courier, local media reported.

The motorbike driver could see the bag moving and hear cries from inside it when he collected it, the Beijing Times said – but was ordered not to open it by the baby’s mother.

It was only when he arrived at the Children’s Welfare Institute in Fuzhou that staff unwrapped the parcel and made the shock discovery.

In video posted on social media, the rescued baby is seen wrapped in blankets on a road-side, being treated with a cotton bud dipped in water.

Police in the south-eastern province soon arrived and rushed the infant to hospital.

In a statement, they said the child’s vital signs were stable and that its mother had been arrested.

They identified her only as 24-year-old Ms Luo.

In China, people who abandon their children can face up to five years in jail, according to the New Straits Times.

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