Google launches UK job searching service

Google launches UK job searching service


Google has launched its new job searching service in the UK, offering users local results if they’re looking for a new role.

A number of job listing sites are part of the rollout, including Reed, Haymarket, CV-Library, and Gumtree, and roles advertised on these sites will be aggregated into Google’s search results.

People applying to the jobs will need to click through to the jobs listing sites themselves before being able to send off their application, providing those sites with continued revenue.

However, some onlookers may be concerned that the move will eventually lead to Google significantly disrupting the revenue streams for those sites.

Last June, Google was ordered to pay a record fine of £2.1bn (€2.42bn) for abusing its dominance as a search engine to boost its shopping comparison service.

The ruling found that search results gave prominence to Google’s own shopping service and demoted rivals, giving it a “significant advantage”.

Google said it “respectfully” disagreed with the ruling, but onlookers will be keen to inspect its movements in the job listings market for similar disruptions.

The product manager at Google, Joy Xi, wrote: “Starting today, when you search for ‘jobs near me,’ ‘teaching jobs,’ or similar queries in English in the UK, you’ll have the option to click through to a feature that lets you explore jobs from across the web that meet your unique needs.

“You can access salary information, reviews and ratings of the employer and different options to apply for a job, or use a location filter to see jobs in the areas that are convenient for you.

“Thanks to Google Maps, if you’re signed in, you’ll even be able to see how long it would take to commute to a job from your home.”

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