Local Artist Kupid the King Releases First Video of 2018

The Fall: Cinematic Music Video



Kupid the King, Kolossal Entertainment, Brooker Films & UFO Productions come together with organisations, designers, agencies and industry professionals from across The Midlands to shoot the first huge scale cinematic music video of 2018!

Song title: The Fall
Featured Artists: Kupid the King, Vycke G, Hassan James & Priscilla Cameron
Cinematic Video director: Chris Brooker of Brooker Filmes
Behind The Fall documentary director: Elliott Johns of First Reunion Media
Behind The Fall documentary presenter: TeeJayy
Wardrobe: Gemma of Aura Violet Bespoke, Natalie of Elementz of Couture
Beauty: Elysia Charlie, Addictions hair and beauty

Themes: Post-Apocalyptic, Betrayal, Envy, Pride, Lust, Vanity, Greed, Gluttony, Fight scenes, Fashion, Beauty, Turmoil, Destruction.


In a post-apocalyptic city, where all are left to fend for themselves, four rulers take charge of the four corners of the kingdom, with Kupid the King overseeing from the centre of the city. Word comes in that one of the four corners is being overrun by intruders who are mistreating the townspeople.

Lead by Kupid, the leaders unite to take a journey to fix the problems that the city is facing. Before they begin, the leaders held a toast to the journey ahead, but while they prepare for their expedition, a mysterious guest appears from within the shadows and quickly disappears, along with the black mask.

Just like the story of life, the destination bears little relevance, this is a story about the journey, on which they all will be tested, the decisions made on their expedition will either elevate the leaders to new heights or cause them to fall.

“The same pressure that creates diamonds could also crumble mountains.”

Who is Kupid the King?

Along his journey many challenges have arisen; from losing family members to becoming a victim of police brutality, from witnessing relationships breakdown to becoming the breaking factor in his own relationships. Kupid writes from a familiar perspective of all these situations and insists on staying true to himself while accepting that he is not the only one who has been faced with struggles.

“If you say that I’m troubled, yeah I’m troubled as they’re made, see my trouble tells a story of the struggle that they made, the troublesome I am is from the struggle that they made, so the trouble tells a story of the struggle that’s in me.”

Kupid’s songs include recitals of true experiences of love, heartbreak, trust, betrayal & mental breakdowns among family, friends and acquaintances, written in a way that is personal to him and yet relatable to so many others.

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Bringing The Fall to Life?

Filmed, co-directed and edited by Brooker Films the Cinematic Music Video is stylised & symbolic, showing images of majesty and brilliance on a backdrop of destruction and darkness.

Starting in October 2017 the team went through over 60 submissions and were left with a cast of all ages, sizes and abilities. All lead and semi-lead roles were finalised and extras played a vital part in ensuring that the Cinematic Music Video was executed perfectly.

To make the Cinematic Music Video the perfect mix of magic and reality we are shot with models, actors, and children. Even in our post-apocalyptic kingdom, humans are heavily reliant on power and material things to bring them happiness. Betrayal and alcoholism bring a natural and familiar element to The Fall as the leaders are faced with both on their journey to the fourth corner.

Who is Chris Brooker?

Chris Brooker is a UK based Cinematographer/Director of Photography and Editor shooting music videos, commercials, and short films. Chris’ work has been seen on TV and has attracted over 30 million online views on YouTube and Vevo.

Behind The Fall

With such a committed team of industry professionals working together to make a success of the project, it was essential to capture behind the scenes footage and interviews of the cast and production team working in partnership. First Reunion Media is a film production & photography company based in Wolverhampton who was commissioned to document history in the making.

The Fall

The Fall was released on 28th November 2017 and is available to stream and download on all platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and many others!

On Saturday 17th February the full cast and the artists involved began shooting for The Fall: Cinematic Music Video which premiered privately on Saturday 24th March at a Black Tie event at Prince Albert in the heart of Wolverhampton. The Cinematic Music Video was released publicly on Friday 30th March for supporters and music lovers to view worldwide.

After nearly a year of building The Fall from start to finish, it’s fantastic to finally enjoy the Cinematic Music Video!

After The Fall comes the rising, and this is only the beginning! The only way is up from here on out.

Upward | Forward | Onwards

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