New cash help given to voluntary groups across Tamworth

New cash help given to voluntary groups across Tamworth

Voluntary groups and organisations across Tamworth have received a cash boost of more than £2,650 from Tamworth Borough Council.


Voluntary groups and organisations across Tamworth have received a cash boost of more than £2,650 from Tamworth Borough Council.

Five groups have each been awarded grants of between £150 and £500 from the Voluntary and Community Grants scheme and the Arts Grant awards.

The grants are given to help organisations develop and provide services for the residents of Tamworth.

The latest grants are:

  • £500 for Uniquely Me & U, a voluntary group for people with disabilities.  They hold a weekly art group on Tuesdays and a music/social group on Thursdays.  The project supports people with disabilities to increase their social skills, confidence and encourage friendships through art and music.

The grant will provide funding towards the costs of room hire for the groups meetings.

  • In addition, Uniquely Me & U has been awarded a second grant of £500 for funding towards the costs of art and promotional materials for the group, including paints, brushes, paper, pallets and boards.
  • £500 for Sharon Rose Amateur Dramatics, a local author who will be putting on a play called ‘Split Second’. The profits from the play will be donated to three local charities – Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Centre, St Giles and Breast Friends.  The play will portray many messages including the value of healthy relationships, living life to the full, the power of music and dance as therapy, the strength we find within ourselves and the invaluable support of family, friends and support groups.
  • £500 for Tamworth Literary Festival. The grant will provide funding towards the artist fees, venue hire and publicity. The project has three phases:

Memorial lecture marking the 75th anniversary of the death of Colin Grazier; a lecture about Sir Robert Peel and a week-long series of events in March 2018 covering many genres including poetry, crime writing, folk music and tales, short stories and theatre.

  • £500 for the Mercian Singers, a large mixed voice choir in Tamworth who sing for pleasure and for charity. Over the years they have raised thousands of pounds for local and national charities.  The grant will enable the group to purchase a new BOSE sound system.
  • £150 for Nathan Harris. The grant was awarded as Nathan has recently been called up to represent Great Britain at the International European Youth Ultimate Championships based in the Netherlands.  Ultimate is a fast-moving team sport that is frequently compared to sports like ruby or American Football. The sport has some unique features that set it apart such as no referees and it’s played with a flying disc (Frisbee). The grant will pay towards sports equipment.

Cllr Steven Claymore, chair of the Cabinet Grants Sub-Committee, said: “We are always delighted to offer these small grants to continue helping and supporting these groups.

“Tamworth Borough Council really values the effort that all our local voluntary groups put in to make a difference in the community. If you have a community or arts project that will help make Tamworth a better place, please get in touch.”

Grants are available to community groups and voluntary organisations which run in the borough to enable them to develop and continue to provide their vital services.

To find out more about the grants, please contact Karen Clancy at Tamworth Borough Council on 01827 709709.