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Princess Eugenie chooses anti-plastic and animal charities to be represented at royal wedding


Anti-slavery and animal charities are among those to be represented at the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

The couple announced that alongside the members of the public invited into the grounds of Windsor Castle, representatives from charities and organisations close to the couple would also be invited.

They include the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, where Eugenie was treated after being diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 12 years old. She is now a patron of the European School of Osteopathy.

Also on the list is the Teenage Cancer Trust, which Eugenie, her sister Princess Beatrice and her mother, the Duchess of York, are all patrons of.

Myrna Whiteson and Dr Adrian Whiteson, presidents of the trust, said: “The princess has been a warm and dedicated patron of this charity, always sensitive to the needs of young people with cancer and eager to help and support them.”

Street Child, which merged in 2018 with Children In Crisis, the charity founded by the Duchess of York, will also be represented.

Eugenie’s commitment to anti-slavery causes will be shown through the attendance of representatives from the Salvation Army, the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and Key to Freedom.

The latter was founded by the York family to help find a route to market for the products made by the Women’s Interlink Foundation in West Bengal.

The charity has partnered with Hobbs to bring a range of silk scarves made by the women to market in Britain, including one created to commemorate Eugenie and Jack’s wedding day.

Norree Webb, a lifelong member of the Salvation Army, is on the list. She volunteers as a first responder in an anti-trafficking unit and is often one of the first people victims meet when they are rescued.

The 70-year-old said: “I feel genuinely privileged to receive this invitation, particularly for performing a role about which I am so passionate.

“It is extremely rewarding to be a small part of the amazing team which makes a difference to the lives of people who have often undergone such horrendous experiences.”

Supporting Wounded Veterans, which Mr Brooksbanks’ father is the executive director of, will also be represented on the guestlist.

The couple has also selected the Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden, Kent, The Elephant Family, plastics charity Project 0 and charity: water.

Two other charities which Eugenie is a patron of, The Print Room at the Coronet, and Tate Young Patrons, will also be represented.

The Duke of York has also confirmed the carriage procession route his daughter and her new husband will take after they tie the knot.

From the castle, they will travel down Castle Hill towards the High Street, before turning along towards Park Street.

The carriage will turn at the bottom of Park Street and continue back up Cambridge Drive and back into the castle.

It will not include the Long Walk, making it slightly shorter than the procession taken by Prince Harry and Meghan after their wedding day in May.

The charity announcement came shortly after the Dean of Windsor, David Conner, called the princess and her fiance “the perfect couple”, saying it had been a “pleasure” to work with them.

The Rt Rev Conner said: “I’ve been here now for more or less 20 years and when I came she was a girl at our little prep school just down the hill. It seems as if our knowledge of each other goes back a long way.”

“I suppose she regards this place – even though it is a bit big and grand – as, in a way, her parish church.”

He added: “They come across as just the perfect couple. They’re very natural with each other, they obviously love one another, but they also have a lot of fun together.”

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