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Tags Ajay Nair

Tag: Ajay Nair

A happy family? Photos add to mystery after siblings found chained...

A Facebook account, which appears to belong to both the mother and father of the family, features a series of photographs of the 13 siblings - aged between two and 29 - showing them during happier times

Twin suicide bombings at Baghdad street market kill at least 38

Officials at the country's Interior Ministry said two bombers blew themselves up at Tayran Square - a busy street market - during rush hour on Monday

Florida man Shane Missler, 20, who won $451m jackpot to ‘do...

Instead of taking the full prize across several payments over a period of time, the Florida resident opted to receive a one-time payment of almost $282m (£205m)

‘Bills to pay’: Bidding for Paul Cattermole’s S Club 7 Brit...

The 40-year-old, who said he had "bills to pay", placed an advert on the site for the Britannia statuette, which he won with the band for best newcomer in 2000

Footage released of attacker ripping out policewoman’s hair

The disturbing scene was captured by PC Emma Agyei's body cam following the attack in Chapel Street, Bradley, to highlight the abuse suffered by officers

Transgender teenager to get $800k from school over ‘toilet ban’

Ash Whitaker claimed staff at Tremper High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, monitored his use of the toilets and made him wear a special bracelet, singling him out from other students

Mother’s tribute to ‘beautiful girl’ Bethany Walker who died after catching...

Heather Teale paid tribute to Bethany Walker, from Applecross, Scotland, on Facebook, describing the 18-year-old as her "beautiful girl"

California mudslides: 17 dead and several missing after disaster

Rescue workers and emergency services continued searching for survivors as the torrential rainstorm which triggered the disaster subsided

Burning oil tanker firm hopeful of survivors

National Iranian Tanker Company spokesman Mohsen Bahrami said it was "likely" rescuers would find survivors among the 31 missing crew members on the Sanchi vessel

13,000 holidaymakers stranded by Alps snow

About 13,000 holidaymakers in the Swiss resort of Zermatt have been left stranded as nearby roads, trains and cable cars into the town were closed over fears of avalanches in the region