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Tag: Alexander J Martin

White House ‘preparing to investigate Facebook and Google’

Without naming specific companies, a draft copy of the order, obtained by Bloomberg, instructs antitrust (competition law) authorities to "thoroughly investigate whether any online platform has acted in violation of the antitrust laws"

UK ‘garden shed’ inventors win prize for device to help stroke...

It was selected from a shortlist of 10 "garden shed inventions" which could seriously transform people's lives in the competition which was sponsored by innovation foundation Nest

Ofcom joins calls for independent internet regulation

The regulator's chief executive, Sharon White, has published a discussion document claiming 12 million people in the UK have experienced harassment, fraud and abuse online

BA hackers Magecart may have conducted Ticketmaster breach

Threat researcher Yonathan Klijnsma of cyber security firm RiskIQ has identified the hackers as the Magecart group, which often uses forms in websites to insert code that will steal customers' bank card details

SETI scientists spot 72 signals ‘from alien galaxy’ 3bn light years...

The researchers at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute discovered the unusual signals when examining 400 terabytes of radio data from a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away from Earth

France takes Google to court to control content globally

France's data regulator is seeking clarification on whether material removed under the "right to be forgotten" (RTBF) law should only be removed within France or if it should be de-listed on every Google domain

Watford teen hacker admits making bomb threats to schools

George Duke-Cohan, 19, admitted making the threats to UK schools last March, causing 400 of them to be evacuated

Home secretary tells Google to ‘do a lot, lot more’ on...

Sajid Javid told a Google representative that the company was "the web giant of web giants" and called on it to do more when responding to a statement from the company during the Q&

Government rejects online voting for disabled voters amid electoral fraud fears

E-voting could make elections more accessible for disabled voters, campaigners have argued, and requests to trial online voting were submitted to a recent government report

UK arrests 131 suspected paedophiles in single week

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA) on average around 400 people are arrested in the UK every month for offences connected to child sexual abuse and exploitation