Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Google fined €1.49bn by EU for restricting rivals’ ads

Announcing the new fine, the EU's competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google had restricted rivals from appearing in online search advertisements

YouTube removes videos continuing to celebrate New Zealand mosque attacks

Sky News identified videos made in support of the killings, including one which recreates the attack in the children's game Minecraft alongside others that splice the attacker's comments into other videos

EU prepares for major international cyber attacks ahead of elections

Between 23-26 May of this year, depending on national customs, the remaining EU states will elect their members of the European Parliament

NASA issues space herpes warning as virus reactivates in astronauts

According to the agency, while only a small proportion of the astronauts develop symptoms as a result of the dormant virus awakening, it could spell danger for longer spaceflight missions - for instance to Mars

Amazon removes books saying autistic children can be treated with bleach

The withdrawals follow reports of the web giant selling multiple books and unofficial treatments to readers which encourage nonscientific treatments and spread disinformation about vaccines

EU parliament expresses ‘deep concern’ about China and use of Huawei...

While not binding, the resolution adds to the pressure the Chinese telecoms equipment maker is facing in western nations

Fake, foreign and far-right: Dodgy accounts uncovered pushing Brexit agenda on...

However, the firm found that astroturfing - the practice of faking grassroots support for a cause or subject - was "far more prominent in Leave conversations" than on Remain's side

New UK porn verification rules may expose users to blackmail, campaigners...

Sky News has learned that the government has delayed setting a date for when these rules will come into force due to concerns regarding the security and human rights issues posed by the rules

QuadrigaCX: Crypto wallets were emptied eight months before Gerald Cotten’s death

He held "sole responsibility" for handling the $190m (£110m) his company looked after, and no other members of the Canada-based QuadrigaCX team could access the stored funds, according to Mrs Robertson

Black cab drivers lose High Court challenge against Uber

Dismissing the case, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett, said the judge who granted the licence - Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot - was not biased