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Drill star says ‘only a fool would link music to wave...

This week the Government said it wanted to crack down on drill music - an often raw and aggressive style of rap - which has been linked to the escalating violence in the capital, with calls for stricter controls on videos and social medi

Meet the woman who started the #MeToo movement

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal, it has been virtually impossible to avoid the hashtag

Can the Brit Awards beat a ‘sexist’ music industry?

Haim, the only women in their category - best international group - told Sky News they've experienced sexism from the start of their careers and now prioritise working with other women

Steven Spielberg: Catherine Deneuve wrong on witch-hunt claim after Weinstein scandal

He said sexual misconduct was not just a problem in Hollywood but it was a "national problem and probably a global problem"

‘Hypebeast’ teens making a fortune from fashion

High fashion is often overpriced and impractical - and few of us can afford it

Golden Globes: Harassment scandals not enough to stop Hollywood machine

But it is quite a stretch to think of the Golden Globes guests quaffing champagne while looking suitably repentant

Roy Orbison returns to the stage – as a hologram

"Of course I'd rather see him play live but, in this case, there are so many people that just missed out seeing my dad," Roy's youngest son Alex explains. "People that weren't even born or that just want to see one more show."

‘Loot boxes’ turning young gamers into gamblers

Now regulators and politicians are warning that the line between video-gambling and gaming is becoming increasingly blurred and new laws may be needed to prevent the promise of in-game rewards turning young gamers into gamblers

Gilbert & George prepare to open new exhibition at the White...

Unless you're "dead" or "foreign", your art doesn't get talked about in the UK, they say

Former child actors reveal sexual abuse in Hollywood

It was a low-budget horror film directed by Victor Salva and financed by Francis Ford Coppola. Behind the scenes, something truly disturbing was happening