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Will the Conservatives be rattled by the Daily Mail’s new Brexit...

Deeply conservative and ultra-traditional, they're often reputed to thrive in towns like Tunbridge Wells (thanks to the old adage "disgusted of....")

Pop singer empowers women by ‘unblocking’ boundaries of technology

The pop singer claims her single I Am She is the first "unblockable" music video in the world, meaning women living in censored regions like Iran and Saudi Arabia have access to it

Maxine Peake warns ‘distressing’ class divide could lead to new Peterloo...

She was speaking at Home in Manchester at the premiere of Mike Leigh's film Peterloo about the 1819 massacre and said: "We're not a million miles away from it happening again in this country, we've got to be very, very vigilant."

The anger at Harvey Weinstein has been turned into something positive,...

Speaking at the opening of the event following one of Hollywood's most turbulent years, Tricia Tuttle said redressing gender imbalance in the film industry had been "a long time in the making"

WWI in colour: Footage restored by director Peter Jackson

The man behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy has also sharpened some of the footage and slowed down the jitters that accompanied early, hand-cranked cameras

Danny Boyle calls for beaches tribute for Armistice centenary

The filmmaker told Sky News that across the country, vast portraits of people who were affected by the First World War will be drawn on the sands in commemoration on 11 November

Director Damien Chazelle ‘surprised’ at Donald Trump’s criticism of Neil Armstrong...

The movie is a biopic about astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, with Ryan Gosling starring in the lead role

New Order singer Bernard Sumner: ‘Children abandoned over mental health’

As the band showcases a new Sky Arts documentary about their work, called Decades, the musician said nearly four decades on from the suicide of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis that mental health provisions for young people haven't moved on