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Tag: Beth Rigby

Backpedalling Donald Trump tries to warm up a cooling special relationship

There was military pageantry and the red carpet rolled out for a banquet at Blenheim Palace, lunch at Chequers and tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle

Brexit plan: What white paper means for sovereignty, immigration and money

The 98-page document - The Future Relationship between the UK and the EU - sets out Theresa May's negotiating position ahead of crunch talks with Brussels and an autumn summit

Theresa May secures a fragile peace over Brexit

Happy chatter and laughter floated through the open windows into the walled Tudor courtyard of the prime minister's country retreat

Frustration for EU leaders as May stalls on Brexit during summit

A moment of levity after months of grinding through Brexit negotiations, Mrs May laughed as she held aloft the top - only to realise she'd performed an own goal

Jacob Rees-Mogg at Irish border: ‘UK can win game of chicken’

He insisted last month that a visit to the Irish border wouldn't give him anymore insight "beyond what I can get by studying it", adding: "My going and wandering across a few roads isn't going to tell me anything about that further."

Treasury co-ordinating business attacks on Brexit, claims Jacob Rees-Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg, head of the eurosceptic European Research Group of Tory MPs, told Sky News he believed Chancellor Philip Hammond was behind the sudden flurry of businesses speaking up on Brexit

Theresa May to host cabinet sleepover to finalise Brexit white paper

Sources told Sky News the meeting had been pencilled in for 5 and 6 July, with cabinet ministers told to bring their overnight bags as the prime minister locks in her top team to thrash out an agreement

Chancellor Philip Hammond faces perfect storm over ‘Brexit dividend’ for NHS

Instead of making good on the Vote Leave promise that leaving the EU would result in another £350m a week for the NHS's coffers, the chancellor warned that Britain's economy was suffering due to uncertainty over Brexit

Tory ‘dinosaur’ damages party image as MP blocks upskirting bill

But it was not just social media that went into meltdown over his actions - the Conservative Party was in a tailspin, too. Sir Christopher's colleagues knew all too well the damage this would do

Ireland’s abortion dilemma: A nation divided

It will bring to a head one of the most bitterly contested battlegrounds in Irish culture over recent decades. There have been six referendums on the matter of abortion in the past 35 years, but this week's vote will prove the most seminal yet: it will decide whether to allow unrestricted abortion