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Tags Beth Rigby

Tag: Beth Rigby

Tories hoping for Midlands gains in ‘difficult’ local elections

Mr Lewis's appearance in this ward a couple of miles northwest of Dudley town centre is a sign of how seriously the Tories are about winning control of the local council in next month's elections

Have the Tories finally found a way to unite on Brexit?

Conservatives and Labour alike fighting amongst themselves about what Brexit should look like

PM’s Brexit offer needs ‘giant leaps of faith’

Forty-eight hours after she delivered her Road to Brexit Mansion House speech neither her Brexiteers nor her Remainers have broken ranks to protest betrayal. Her softest of hard Brexits has found safe passage - in London at least

May tries to put Tory Brexit divisions ‘to bed’ in Mansion...

Today she tried to put those divisions to bed, as she dialled down the ideological rhetoric and instead went into detail about what she wants Britain’s future relationship with the EU to be

Corbyn: Brexit does not have to be a disaster

In a major policy shift, Mr Corbyn will put some clear blue water between Labour and the Conservative Government by confirming his commitment to a customs union and a pledge to allow the EU to continue to negotiate trade deals on behalf of the UK after Brexit

Andrea Leadsom backs ‘level playing field’ for post-Brexit immigration

The Leader of the House of Commons told Sky News she wanted to see a "level playing field" between those from the EU and the rest of the world once the UK leaves the EU

Andrea Leadsom reveals she’s ‘experienced’ sexual harassment in Westminster

"I have not really experienced that same sort of sexism that I did in the City," said Ms Leadsom, who worked in the banking sector before entering politics

Theresa May to announce crackdown on social media abuse

In a speech to mark the centenary of women's right to vote on Tuesday, Britain's second female Prime Minister will praise the "heroism" of suffragettes as she outlines proposals to deal with online "bitterness and aggression"

All eyes on Donald Trump meeting as Theresa May arrives in...

In 2016, the Prime Minister branded them as "the sort of people who have more in common with international elites" than with the people "they pass in the street"

UK must stay in customs union with the EU after Brexit,...

Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), will warn the Government that time is running out to make progress on Brexit and urge the Prime Minister to put replicating the customs union at the top of the trade agend