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Tag: Claire Gregory

Wombats frontman: ‘Streaming has levelled the playing field’

Many musicians have been critical of the changes in music consumption and its impact on artists, with decreases in royalties and piracy often cited as issues

Ocean’s 8 actress Cate Blanchett prays female-led film is success

The Australian actress appears alongside Sandra Bullock who plays Debbie Ocean, the sister of George Clooney's character Danny from the original films

Rupert Everett compares new film The Happy Prince to a long...

The star began writing The Happy Prince, about Oscar Wilde in the years following his conviction for homosexuality to his death, 12 years ago

Jurassic World’s Jeff Goldblum in demand as he takes on films,...

It would be no surprise if he was exhausted - but when I interviewed him he was full of energy, quoting a Russian acting legend and re-enacting the moment he got the call about returning to the dinosaur films

Naomie Harris: I was determined not to get typecast after Moonlight

The actress played the drug addict mother of the main character and was recognised with a supporting actress nod at both the Academy Awards and the BAFTAs

A Quiet Place: Real-life Hollywood couple join forces in horror debut

The Hollywood couple's new horror A Quiet Place tells the story of a family trying to stay alive in a world where deadly creatures will come for humans - but only if they can hear them

Spielberg: I have ‘sad, low period’ after films

The director, whose latest offering Ready Player One is out this week, told Sky News that he feels blue once production is over

John Boyega: Star Wars allowed me to invest in myself

The star, who grew up in London, is best known for playing Finn in the latest Star Wars films, but has now turned his hand to producing as well, setting up his own company UpperRoom Entertainment

The Vamps: Gender equality ‘a moral obligation which must be supported’

This year, a letter has been sent out to nominees, guests and members of the Academy who vote on the Brits, urging them to wear a white rose pin in support of the #MeToo movement

Saoirse Ronan: ‘BAFTA blackout gives sense of purpose’

The Dublin-born actress rose to fame in the 2007 film adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel Atonement, which she auditioned for when she was just 12-years-old