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‘Bin the backstop’: DUP leader’s conference plea to PM

With Boris Johnson in Belfast to support her stance, Mrs Foster is expected to say the Irish border backstop poses risk and will urge Theresa May to "bin the backstop"

Northern Ireland: Brexit battle between politics and pragmatism

He often argued that bread and butter issues should take precedence over orange and green ones

Inquest to open 47 years after ‘Ballymurphy massacre’

Relatives of those killed in what became known as the "Ballymurphy massacre" hope it will finally provide answers

Fears that Brexit could open old wounds in Northern Ireland

The boundary remains the sticking point in negotiations with cross-border trade entwined with deep-rooted issues of identity

Ian Paisley keeps parliamentary seat after recall petition fails

It was the first time the recall legislation had been enacted since it was introduced in the wake of the expenses scandal

Sinn Fein leader: Brexit makes Irish unity ‘a more imminent reality’

She told Sky News that Tory in-fighting over the issue had demonstrated their "utter indifference to Ireland."