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Tag: David Blevins

Ian Paisley keeps parliamentary seat after recall petition fails

It was the first time the recall legislation had been enacted since it was introduced in the wake of the expenses scandal

Sinn Fein leader: Brexit makes Irish unity ‘a more imminent reality’

She told Sky News that Tory in-fighting over the issue had demonstrated their "utter indifference to Ireland."

Words are not enough on abuse, even if they are swear...

But the defining moment of the first papal visit to Ireland in nearly 40 years did not take place on camer

Pope Francis faces ‘impossible’ task to address child abuse during Ireland...

Archbishop Eamon Martin, the Primate of All Ireland, told Sky News the issue would not disappear because of Francis' visit to Ireland this weekend "and nor should it"

Abuse survivor fears Church ‘sold’ his baby sister to a family...

Delia Mulryan spent 30 years of her life locked up in a Magdalene Laundry

Ireland abuse survivor: Pope must apologise to victims of the Church

A man whose mother was locked up just because she had become pregnant says he has waited a lifetime for someone to admit it was wrong

Omagh to mark 20th anniversary of Troubles’ ‘worst day’

Relatives of the 29 people killed when a car bomb exploded in the County Tyrone town will attend a memorial service

Can the PM remould her Brexit deal on the potter’s wheel...

The issue of the Irish border in particular has become more delicate than the world-famous thin porcelain produced in Belleek

Motorcycle racer William Dunlop killed in Dublin crash

The 32-year-old from Northern Ireland, part of the famous Dunlop motorcycle racing dynasty, was taking part in practice at the time of the fatal incident

The goalkeeper from Northern Ireland who invented football’s penalty kick

It was an amateur goalkeeper from County Armagh who invented the forfeit for foul play that became the source of highest drama on the pitch