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Tag: defence and security correspondent

Entire F-35 fleet grounded and checked for fault after crash

As a result the global fleet is on an "operational pause"

Royal Navy’s amphibious ships won’t be scrapped or sold, says defence...

Speculation that the Ministry of Defence would get rid of one or both of the ships to save money was controversial and resulted in a widespread media campaign led by senior veterans

Security stepped up ahead of Pakistan’s election

Police and security forces are stepping up their presence across the country and the chief of Lahore's counter-terror police has told Sky News his forces are working to ensure the vote tomorrow goes smoothly

UK tolerated ‘inexcusable’ treatment of terror detainees after 9/11

A long overdue report on detainee mistreatment and rendition, from parliament's intelligence and security committee (ISC), concludes those at the top of MI6, MI5 and Defence Intelligence knew about "the pattern of mistreatment by the US" and "tolerated" it

Erdogan declares victory in Turkish presidential election

With 97.7% of the votes counted, the electoral board pronounced Mr Erdogan as the winner with an "absolute majority" of valid votes

Polls close in Turkey’s high-stakes elections

On Saturday, up to a million people turned out for one of the last opposition campaign rallies ahead of Sunday's elections

Armed forces ‘must do more’ to promote women into senior military...

In his last interview before he leaves the post, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said that there should be no barrier to women reaching the top of the military

UK ‘must come clean’ over airstrikes in Syria, says Amnesty International

The claims have been made by the charity Amnesty International, which singles out the involvement of the RAF in the battle, saying that "the UK needs to come clean over its role in this carnage"