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What will happen at ‘moment of truth’ Brexit summit in Brussels?

In a sense we are precisely where most of us expected we would be at this end stage of the Brexit sag

Who is Olly Robbins, the civil servant on whose shoulders Brexit...

But one man has been a constant, a survivor; a civil servant on whose shoulders the Brexit deal rests

Where are we at with Brexit? Your questions answered

European leaders meet four or five times a year for summits - or European Councils to give them their formal name

Sweden election: Far-right party make gains but struggle to find ally...

It's the first thing leader Jimmie Akesson said to supporters when he arrived at the party's election HQ

‘Dark forces mobilising in Sweden’ as polls open

Polls suggest the right-wing, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats will emerge as the second-biggest party with as much as 20% of the vote

Tensions spread beyond Calais as migrants desperately dash to catch UK-bound...

But in a sleepy Normandy fishing port four hours to the west, Sky News has found the tensions and strains have spread

French fisherman claims British are the aggressors in the scallop wars

The pledge comes after a night when around 40 French boats were involved in clashes with five British vessels

Genoa bridge collapse: ‘Buried daughter stroked my hand so I knew...

Their coffins sat side by side; flowers at their foot; photographs on top

Genoa bridge collapse tragedy ‘will leave a mark on the soul’

A vision now breathtaking for all the wrong reasons

Migrant rescue ship Aquarius to be stripped of Gibraltar registration

The "notice of removal" was issued by the Gibraltar Maritime Administration on 6 August because the ship was registered as a "survey vessel" but was being used for search and rescue work