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Machine keeps liver alive outside body in groundbreaking procedure

Researchers in Oxford have developed a machine that pumps oxygenated blood and nutrients into the liver after it has been removed from a donor, and say it can keep the organ viable for up to 24 hours

Tax on sugary soft drinks comes into force to combat child...

The Soft Drinks Industry Levy, announced by former chancellor George Osborne in 2016, was originally expected to raise £520m in its first year, with the money to be spent on school sport

Porton Down experts unable to identify ‘precise source’ of novichok that...

Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, told Sky News they were not yet able to prove it was made in Russi

Government U-turn on contaminated blood funding after ‘hurtful’ Grenfell comparison

The U-turn comes days after victims were told that, unlike the victims and relatives of those killed in the Grenfell Tower fire, they would not receive financial support to help prepare for the inquiry

Blood contamination scandal: ‘Insulting’ decision to refuse victims legal funding

Campaigners have described the decision as "outrageous", with the Cabinet Office accused of treating victims as "cheaply and insultingly as possible"

Unions to recommend 6.5% NHS pay rise

If accepted the deal will provide the first significant pay rise for around one million NHS staff in eight years. Doctors and dentists are not covered by the deal

Jeremy Hunt reinstates cap on the amount people pay for social...

In a move that would reverse the controversial and electorally damaging decision to ditch a cap from the Conservative election manifesto, Mr Hunt said it would be reinstated to help spread the risk posed by the "illness lottery" of conditions such as dementi

Call for city centre drug testing stations ‘to save lives’

It found that deaths linked to ecstasy and cocaine are at their highest level since records began, and that hospital admissions for these drugs and the tranquiliser ketamine have also risen dramatically

Public faces ‘low risk’ after chemical attack, health officials insist

Dr Vil Mirzayanov was a director of Russia's chemical weapons institute in the 1980s when the novichok, or "newcomer" class of nerve agents were synthesised

NHS: A&E suffers its worst month on record as 85% of...

In February just 85% of patients were seen, assessed or discharged within four hours in NHS England hospitals, the worst performance since the target of seeing 95% patients in that time was introduced 14 years ago