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Tag: Michelle Clifford

Sweden election: Far-right party make gains but struggle to find ally...

It's the first thing leader Jimmie Akesson said to supporters when he arrived at the party's election HQ

‘Dark forces mobilising in Sweden’ as polls open

Polls suggest the right-wing, anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats will emerge as the second-biggest party with as much as 20% of the vote

French fisherman claims British are the aggressors in the scallop wars

The pledge comes after a night when around 40 French boats were involved in clashes with five British vessels

Genoa bridge collapse tragedy ‘will leave a mark on the soul’

A vision now breathtaking for all the wrong reasons

Nerves as far-right League party set for office in Italy –...

The anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the far-right League have struck a deal to deliver an alliance - one which will stir nervousness among many in Europe

Bardem wants more action on plastic pollution

The Spanish star, best known for his roles in the Bond movie Skyfall and No Country For Old Men, was speaking from Port de Blanes in the north of Spain where he had been out with early morning fishermen who had started sorting the plastic collected in their nets for recycling

Hungarian prime minister pushes anti-migrant agenda in national election

As he cast his ballot at a school near his home in Budapest, Victor Orban pledged to "fight" for his country, saying its future was at stake

Italian coalition dealing won’t be pretty

Except, it's not really funny

Will a toxic election campaign lead to a far-right future for...

His partners include the League party headed by Matteo Salvini standing on a strong anti-immigrant, Eurosceptic platform

Paris terror attack suspect Salah Abdeslam goes on trial over police...

Salah Abdeslam, 28, has been transferred to a high-security prison close to France's northern border so that he can be taken to the Palace of Justice in Brussels for every day of his four-day trial