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Tag: Rebecca Taylor

‘Very angry badger’ leaves Scottish castle after two days

Craignethan Castle, in Lanarkshire, had to shut its Cellar Tunnel to the public from midday on Thursday after staff spotted the unusual guest after it had dug through loose soil and into stonework

Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over campaign financing

Mr Sarkozy is being questioned as part of an investigation into "irregularities" in election campaign financing, a French court source told Reuters

Dog flight deaths: US senators draft bill to ban animals from...

United has since apologised and revealed plans to issue brightly coloured bag tags to help flight attendants easily identify animals

Engineer flagged cracks before Florida bridge collapse

The voicemail, which was left on a landline, was not heard by a state Florida Department of Transportation (DoT) employee until Friday because the employee was out of the office on an assignment

Trump claims California is ‘begging’ for see-through border wall as he...

The US President has retained his election commitment to build a wall along the California-Mexico border and went so far as to claim on Tuesday: "If you don't have a wall system, you won't have a country"

‘Shambles’ as millennial railcard site crashes

Although 4.5 million people could benefit, just 10,000 railcards are being offered on a first come, first served basis - meaning only about one in 500 people in this age range will have one

Deadline set for Russia as PM says it is ‘highly likely’...

Theresa May addressed the House of Commons about the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on Sunday 4 March

Poisoned spy’s friend: He was lonely after his son and wife...

Ebru Ozturk runs the Bargain Stop in Roman Road, Salisbury, a short walk from Sergei Skripal's house

Nottingham Trent student racially abused in ‘we hate the blacks’ video

Rufaro Chisango shared a video she says was taken on Monday evening, as she hid in her room while the group shouted outside her door

Disclosure of trafficking victims’ convictions unlawful, High Court rules

Fiona Broadfoot was exploited by a physically abusive pimp when she was 15, taken from Bradford to London to sell sex