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Tag: Rebecca Taylor

Private Finance projects cost the taxpayer £199bn

The National Audit Office found that the 716 existing deals under Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and the successor, PF2, cost around £10.3bn in 2016-17, and costs of that level will continue into the 2040s

Man’s throat ruptured after holding his nose during forceful sneeze

The 34-year-old unnamed man found himself unable to swallow or speak when he held his nose as he sneezed, causing a spontaneous perforation of the pharynx

Liam Gallagher: Noel wants Oasis reunion but his wife ‘won’t let...

In an interview with Q Magazine, Liam claimed that Noel's return to the band is being blocked by his wife, Sara MacDonald

Mothers singing in groups with babies ‘helps ease post-natal depression’

Researchers worked with 134 mothers to see if singing could help them reduce the symptoms of post-natal depression (PND) for 40 weeks after they gave birth

Lord Adonis says Theresa May is ‘allying with UKIP’ on Brexit...

Former transport secretary Lord Adonis claimed the Prime Minister was "allying with UKIP and the Tory hard right" in negotiation plans for Britain's exit from the European Union

Checked your sofa? £691m in old fivers were not exchanged before...

The Bank of England began its Withdrawal of Legal Tender Status for the paper £5 banknotes in September last year, giving Britons until 5 May, 2017 to swap the notes for a new polymer fiver

Shakira postpones El Dorado world tour again amid vocal cord problems

The Colombian singer moved her El Dorado world tour from November to January, but has now told fans she needs more time to recover and will have to wait until June to start the shows

National Crime Agency’s most wanted criminals in the UK

Christakis Philippou would attract customers with low price holidays and then cease trading before they left for their trips abroad

Stormzy sings at funeral of fan’s father after receiving request on...

Nas Bockarie's dad died on the day of his graduation, and he sent a message to the grime star asking him if he could make the funeral

Leicester car park where Richard III was buried will get special...

The medieval monarch's skeleton was found in Leicester City Council's car park in 2012 during an archaeological excavation, and DNA from living descendants was used to confirm it was him