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Tag: Technology Reporter

Concerns about potentially ‘monopolistic’ Google access to NHS patient data

In its annual report for 2018, the independent panel set up by the AI firm acquired by Google four years ago, has principally recommended that the company be transparent about its business model

US sanctions Russian businesses over cyber attacks

Three individuals and five Russian businesses have been placed on the sanctions list by the US Treasury for having provided material and technological support to the Federal Security Service (FSB)

Liam Fox: UK ‘well behind’ on cyber security exports

Figures recently released by the Department for International Trade suggest the country is on track to account for less than 2% of global cyber security sales by 2021

Police use of biometric technologies ‘running ahead of the law’

Biometrics are any measurable biological feature which can be used to identity individuals, including the shape of people's fingerprints and the code of their DN

Online drug dealers fleeing dark net markets

Research by risk and security firm Digital Shadows has found that criminals are turning to decentralised markets and messaging networks to sell their wares

Facebook’s security chief warns ‘not all voices equal’

Speaking to a NATO-affiliated cyber security conference in Tallinn, Estonia, Alex Stamos stressed that the social media company wanted to defend democracy and open societies

‘Cyber NATO’ needed to unite liberal democracies, says former Estonian president

Addressing a conference in Tallinn, ex-Estonian president Toomas-Hendrik Ilves said the region the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was established to protect no longer included all of the world powers sympathetic to liberal democracy

Government slammed for ‘unacceptable’ facial recognition delays

These images have been used to automatically scan crowds across the country despite questions over whether this constitutes illegal mass surveillance

Kremlin planning Champions League cyber attack, Ukrainian state agency claims

Talos Intelligence - the security arm of computer networking firm Cisco, which detected the attack - said it was releasing the information before their investigations are complete because of the urgency in preventing the attack

UK begins to formalise its legal approach to cyber war

Just as physically damaging attacks would be breaches of international law, so are cyber attacks which go beyond espionage according to the Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC