True cost of Theresa May’s snap election revealed

True cost of Theresa May’s snap election revealed


Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election cost the country more than £140m, it has been revealed.

Just over £98m was paid to cover candidates’ free mail shots, with a further £42m spent on administering the election.

The figures cover England, Scotland and Wales and were detailed in a statement by Cabinet Office minister Chris Skidmore on Wednesday afternoon.

They come in contrast to the 2015 general election, which cost £81m, according to a former minister.

There is no official figure for the final total spent on the EU referendum, but the Cabinet Office estimated beforehand it would come to £140m.

MP and former Lib Dem coalition minister Alistair Carmichael said the latest election spending showed “the British taxpayer is paying for Mrs May’s mistakes”.

“Not only has Theresa May spent over £140m of public money on an election she promised not to call, her failure in that election forced her to bung £1bn more of our money to the DUP,” he said.

“Yet she tightens the purse strings when it comes to paying for our essential services or giving nurses a pay rise.”

The Conservative Party was asked for comment but offered none at the time of publication.

Mrs May called the election on 18 April, justifying her decision to hold a third national poll in two years by saying: “The country is coming together but Westminster is not.”

Her attempt to increase the Conservatives’ majority backfired, the party losing its majority and forced to strike a deal with the DUP to steer key legislation through the Commons.

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