Walsall Youth Employment Support Set To Continue

Walsall Youth Employment Support Set To Continue

A successful programme that supports young people into employment is set to continue for another three years if Walsall’s Cabinet gives its approval to take up an offer of extension together with additional European funding made by the Department of Work and Pensions.


As part of the Black Country’s Youth Employment Initiative, the Walsall Impact programme aims to support 16 – 29 year olds who are currently Not in Employment, Education or Training into positive outcomes.

Since 2016, the Walsall Impact programme has succeeded in recruiting and supporting 2641 young people, with 756 so far achieving positive outcomes, including: 208 into employment and
422 into education.

This three year extension and additional EU funding will extend the current programme through to July 2021, with resources available since 2016 increased by £1.3million to £7.4million, creating the capacity to support a total of 4461 young people, with at least 1,294 achieving positive outcomes.

Walsall Council is part of the Black Country’s Impact partnership, which includes the four Black Country councils and the Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council (Talent Match), organisation, who together have secured £34 million of EU and Government funding. With the chancellor underwriting all committed EU programmes, the partners are able to carry on as planned with this exciting programme. To receive the £34million, partners are required to also invest in the programme through staff and activities, and for every £1 the council puts in, it is able to draw down £2 of EU funding.

Portfolio Holder, Cllr Andrew said:
‘We’ve demonstrated that supporting young people into gainful employment or education can have a lasting, positive impact not just for the individual but for the borough as a whole. The investment of the council’s in the Impact partnership is far outweighed by the external funding we’ve been able to attract and I’m certain we can continue to have positive outcomes over the next three years. I look forward to meeting some of the young people we are able to support.’