Banksy’s part-destroyed painting on display – with shredder ‘disabled’


A Banksy painting that self-destructed moments after selling for more than £1m has gone on display in Germany – and the shredding device inside the frame has been “disabled”.

The Girl With Balloon artwork, which features a young girl holding a heart-shaped red balloon, hit headlines around the world after the stunt at Sotheby’s in London last October.

As soon as the auctioneer’s gavel fell, a hidden mechanism inside the frame shredded half the artwork, which is now called Love Is In The Bin.

Banksy posted a video after the stunt in October to reveal how he pulled it off and suggested it was supposed to have been completely destroyed.

The painting will now be shown at Frieder Burda museum in Baden-Baden, southwest Germany, where the public can see it free of charge until 3 March.

Museum director Henning Schaper said he was keen to avoid being the victim of another of Banksy’s practical jokes amid fears the rest of the painting could shred itself.

He said: “We opened up the frame and found the shredder machinery, the battery holders, the wires and satisfied ourselves that the batteries had been removed and the wires cut.

“We wanted to engage with his philosophy by hanging the artwork where people don’t have to pay to get in and can experience Banksy’s art and join us in a critical debate on developments on the art market.”

After 3 March, the artwork will be moved to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart museum.

The painting’s owner – an anonymous European art collector – agreed to go through with the purchase after it was shredded.

It had been estimated to sell for £200,000 to £300,000 before it sold for £1m and some experts believe the shredding increased the value of the artwork.

(c) Sky News 2019: Banksy’s part-destroyed painting on display – with shredder ‘disabled’

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