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Alabama man guilty of shooting son in row over ‘really good chicken’

John Louis Caver has been convicted of first-degree domestic violence by a jury at Dallas County Court, two years after he attacked his son as the family watched an NFL game on TV at their home in Selm

Stolen Buddha bronze to be returned to India after 60 years

The 12th-century bronze sculpture was one of 14 statues stolen in 1961 from the Archaeological Museum in Nalanda, eastern Indi

Jessie the potty-mouthed parrot swears at firefighters while stranded on roof

The macaw parrot - affectionately known as Jessie - escaped her home in north London and spent three days on a neighbour's roof

French theme park trains crows to pick up attraction’s litter

Nicolas de Villiers, president of the Puy de Fou park in Vendee, said the initiative would show visitors that nature itself could teach them to care for the environment

Man calls police: ‘Help, I’m being chased by a baby squirrel’

Officers received a call for help and arrived to see the animal still chasing the caller in Karlsruhe, Germany

Indian MP dresses as Adolf Hitler in protest against PM Narendra Modi

Appearing outside the country's parliament, Naramalli Sivaprasad wore a khaki jacket with swastikas on the pocket and arm, and a moustache similar to that of the genocidal dictator

Mexican ‘drug boss’ captured despite weight loss surgery and hair implants

"El Betito" - the suspected head of Mexico City's Tepito Union gang - was detained in the south west of the sprawling city, said national security commissioner Renato Sales

Growing fears that stranded crocodiles may spark an ‘international incident’

The animals were brought to the Jordan Valley - which separates Israel and the West Bank from Jordan - some 20 years ago and have been stuck there ever since, with their numbers constantly growing

Indian sailor stranded on ship in Norfolk for 18 months to fly home

Nikesh Rastogi, 43, has been living on the offshore supply vessel Malaviya Twenty, moored in Great Yarmouth, since February 2017

Cocaine discovered in 15 bread rolls at airport

Sniffer dogs helped anti-narcotics officers make the discovery at the international airport in Guadalajara, a major city in the west of the country


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