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UK army to ‘push limits of innovative warfare’ with new drone and vehicle technology

General Mark Carleton-Smith will make an address at a warfare think-tank conference in London on Wednesday, during which he will unveil plans for troops to begin testing prototype drones and unmanned cargo vehicles

Donald Trump orders Pentagon to create US ‘space force’

The president said the force would be "separate but equal" to the US Air Force, adding that the move represents a "big statement"

Large Hadron Collider upgrade to give scientists access to even more ‘God particles’

The physics research centre CERN launched the upgrade six years after the particle accelerator confirmed the existence of the Higgs boson

Exclusive ride on first self-driving motorbike

The BMW C1 can steer, control its speed and keep itself upright without any human intervention

Concerns about potentially ‘monopolistic’ Google access to NHS patient data

In its annual report for 2018, the independent panel set up by the AI firm acquired by Google four years ago, has principally recommended that the company be transparent about its business model

Astronomers watch a black hole eating a star

The rapid jet of particles is caused when a supermassive black hole rips apart a star that comes too close to its event horizon

Scientists find rare 99-million-year-old amber fossil of prehistoric frog

Now, scientists have discovered an amber fossil of a juvenile frog in present-day Myanmar dating back about 99 million years

‘Login with Snapchat’ to rival Facebook

Announced as part of a range of features called "Snap Kit", the move is particularly set to challenge Facebook from which Snapchat has been seeing increasing user growth, especially among youngsters

Scientists spot 121 giant planets with habitable moons

Researchers from the University of California, Riverside, and the University of Southern Queensland have published their findings in the Astrophysical Journal

Massive dust storm on Mars knocks out NASA’s Opportunity rover

Officials are hoping the solar-powered rover will make it through the storm, which has already engulfed a quarter of the red planet and is expected to expand over the coming days


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