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Charles Bronson dances jig after being cleared of attacking prison governor


Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson danced a celebratory jig after being cleared of trying to seriously harm a prison governor.

The 66-year-old, who is now called Charles Salvador, was said to have landed on top of Mark Docherty and screamed: “I will bite your f***ing nose off and gouge your eyes out.”

But Bronson told Leeds Crown Court he had been trying to give the HMP Wakefield governor a “gentle bear hug” and wanted to whisper in his ear, before he tripped and fell.

Following a four-day trial, where he represented himself, jurors found Bronson not guilty of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent, after deliberating for just short of three hours.

Appearing via video link from HMP Frankland, Bronson did a celebratory jig after hearing the verdict.

Judge Tom Bayliss said: “You seem pleased with that, Mr Salvador. You are discharged from this.”

Bronson replied: “British justice, best in the world. Thank you.”

During the trial he admitted he partly blamed Mr Docherty, the prison’s segregation unit governor, after he was told photographs of his wedding to Paula Williamson would not be allowed to leave the jail until his release.

Bronson said he had wanted to whisper “where’s my wife’s photos?” while hugging Mr Docherty, in what he described as a “wake-up call” to the governor not to mess with his family.

The incident took place during a welfare meeting at the prison on 25 January.

The court heard Mr Docherty suffered swelling to the neck, scratches to the face and whiplash following the incident but Bronson dismissed the injuries as “minor” and said he was “embarrassed to even discuss them”.

Bronson has been called Britain’s “most violent prisoner” after having additional time added to sentences on multiple occasions for assaulting prison guards.

During the trial, he admitted he had been a “very nasty man” as he described to the jury how in his 44 years in prison he had held 11 hostages in nine different sieges – including governors, doctors, staff and, on one occasion, his solicitor.

Bronson has spent periods detained in the Rampton, Broadmoor and Ashworth high-security psychiatric hospital, and is currently at Frankland prison in County Durham.

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