Ed Sheeran’s ‘pond’ at Suffolk home causes controversy


Ed Sheeran has angered neighbours who claim a “pond” he built near his Suffolk mansion could be used as a swimming pool. 

Aerial pictures show the large kidney-shaped pond, which he built on his estate at the beginning of last year.

The pop singer sought retrospective planning permission from the council for his water feature, promising it would be used as a wildlife pond to “support nature conservation”.

The application stated the pond housed “well-established” water plants and an “array of wildlife”, including a common newt and a water boatman.

Permission was granted, provided the pond was not used for swimming.

But several neighbours complained the pond now looks “more like a swimming pool” and are concerned it will be used for swimming in the summer.

A jetty and a set of steps were recently added to the water feature, along with a caravan.

The star’s application claimed the jetty was to “form interest” and the ladders would be used to help clean the pond.

Neighbours wrote objections to planning officials, saying the development was detrimental to the surroundings and wildlife.

Kenny and Carol Cattee told the Mail on Sunday: “The so-called wildlife pond would now appear to be more like a swimming pond, which is somewhat different to the letter of application received from Suffolk Coastal originally.

“What concerns us is the need to gain full planning permission for something that is already there, unless this is yet again all part of a bigger plan by the applicant who at later date could apply to convert or replace with something very different, possibly leading to further development.”

The pair added they had already complained about loud music coming from Sheeran’s property last year.

Sheeran’s team have not responded to requests for comment.

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