Five dead after plane comes apart and falls on to house


Dramatic footage has been released of a house which burst into flames after it was struck by parts of a small plane, leaving five dead and two others injured.

The plane apparently came apart mid-air and rained debris over a southern California neighbourhood, hitting the two-storey house and sending panicked residents into the streets on Sunday.

The male pilot, along with four people inside the Yorba Linda home – two males and two females – were killed, although their identities have not been released.

Wounded victims were taken to hospital with burns and a firefighter was also treated for a minor injury.

Neighbours described seeing plane parts falling out of the sky and a woman coming out of the burning house with singed hair.

An aviation accident investigator said the main cabin and one engine of the plane struck the house, while the second engine fell on to the street, leaving a large crater.

The main body of the twin-engine plane was found in the garden of another home near the burned house and aerial footage showed plane parts, including side panels and a propeller, scattered across rooftops and driveways.

The Cessna 414A took off from the Fullerton Municipal Airport about a dozen miles west from the incident.

John Wolbart, who lives nearby, said: “It was a boom. It sounded like something exploded. It shook our house.”

Another resident told the Orange County Register he saw the plane on fire and coming apart.

A video posted to Twitter showed horrified neighbours running to the burning house, while one man doused a burning wing of the plane with a garden hose.

Firefighters now plan to search the house in case there are more victims and the cause of the crash will be investigated.

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