Libby Squire: Hundreds gather in solidarity as police continue search for missing student


Hundreds of students and staff have gathered to show solidarity as police continue their search for missing student Libby Squire.

The University of Hull student, 21, from High Wycombe, was reported missing in the early hours of Friday.

She had been dropped off in a taxi near her home on Wellesley Avenue at around 11.29pm on Thursday and was seen 10 minutes later on CCTV near a bench on Beverley Road, where a driver stopped to offer her help.

Ms Squire was last seen in the area at around 12.09am on Friday.

On Tuesday, police said they were dealing with hundreds of calls about the student’s disappearance.

One woman, who lives nearby Ms Squire, told police she heard a “blood-curdling” scream on the night she disappeared.

She added that it “sounded like someone being attacked”.

On the fifth day of the search, officers from the police regional marine unit searched a pond at Oak Road Playing Fields, which is near Ms Squire’s home.

Officers used sticks to break the ice and search beneath the surface as they waded through waist-deep water.

Meanwhile around 200 students and staff gathered in the rain at the University of Hull to show support for Ms Squire and her family on Tuesday evening.

A police spokeswoman said: “Our searches are ongoing again today for 21-year-old Libby, who’s originally from High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire.

“Hundreds of students, University of Hull staff, as well as members of the public, have been helping our officers since she was reported missing.”

Ms Squire’s close friends are believed to have left the university temporarily following her disappearance.

Her parents, Russell and Lisa Squire, made an emotional appeal on Monday and spoke of their heartbreak of not knowing where their daughter was.

Ms Squire called her daughter “darling pie” and said: “It is breaking my heart not knowing where you are.”

She continued: “We just want to know that you are safe. Please get in touch with us any way you can.”

Mr Squire also urged his daughter to get in touch, adding: “We just want you home.”

Police said on Monday that they had found Ms Squire’s mobile phone at her home, but it had not helped in providing any information about where she went.

They have also obtained and viewed hundreds of hours of CCTV footage to try and trace the student’s movements and identify anyone who may be of interest to the investigation.

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