Manchester City launch scheme to compensate victims of child sexual abuse


Manchester City have launched a redress scheme for survivors of historic sexual abuse, to compensate victims of the club’s former youth coach Barry Bennell.

Bennell was jailed in 2018 for 31 years on 50 counts of child sexual abuse and was called “the devil incarnate” by the judge who sentenced him.

The scheme comes after an “exhaustive review” was launched by the club in 2016 to understand how it was used by Bennell from 1964 onwards to facilitate sexual abuse.

The review also uncovered a number of “serious” allegations of abuse against John Broome, who was also part of the youth set up at the club in the 1960s. He died in 2010.

Victims of both Bennell and Broome will be eligible for compensation under the scheme.

In a statement, Manchester City said: “The club reiterates… its heartfelt sympathy to all victims for the unimaginably traumatic experiences that they endured.

“All victims were entitled to expect full protection from the kind of harm they suffered as a result of their sexual abuse as children.

“The club remains fully focused on completing its review to the highest standard possible.”

As well as financial compensation, all victims will receive a personal apology from the club.

The club has not as yet released details of the amount of money available to victims under the scheme.

Manchester City is aware of around 40 survivors of Bennell or Broome, although that number is expected to rise.

Barry Bennell targeted 12 victims between 1979 and 1991, but it is thought he could have abused more than 100 victims during his time at Manchester City and Crewe Alexander.

:: Anyone wanting to contact Manchester City or the review team should email [email protected] All approaches will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

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