Nigel Farage to ‘stand again as an MEP’ as he warns of second Brexit referendum


Article 50 is “likely” to be extended and there could be a second referendum, according to former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Brexit campaigner Mr Farage admitted he fears the House of Commons will “effectively overturn” Brexit, adding: “To me, the most likely outcome of all of this is an extension of Article 50.”

Article 50 is the legal mechanism for a country to withdraw from the EU, and was triggered by Theresa May in 2017, beginning a two-year negotiating process.

Speaking to Sky News the morning after a Leave rally in which he told Brexiteers to be ready for a second vote, he said: “There could be another referendum.

“The remain side is well-funded, well-organised. They are getting ready for another referendum. It would negligent of the Eurosceptics not to do so.”

Unable to throw his weight behind his former party, Mr Farage said he would be looking for a “new vehicle”.

Mr Farage quit the party in December over its ties to far-right figure Tommy Robinson, and described UKIP as now “unsalvageable”.

His comments led UKIP to question “who he is really working for”, accusing him of splitting the pro-Brexit vote.

Mr Farage has said he will stand again for the European Parliament, warning that Britain will contest more elections if Article 50 is extended by as little as three months.

He said his current political party membership was a “work in progress” adding: “There are lots of parties out there that one could pick up and use right now. I’m working on it.”

He rubbished attempts to introduce a Norway model in the UK, saying “we would be Norway without the fish – that is not what people voted for”.

Mr Farage said he still believes Britain is doing the right thing by leaving the EU, adding: “We are not putting up barriers, we are bringing down barriers across the world.

“We are going to make food cheaper, we are going to make clothes cheaper, we are going to re-engage with the Commonwealth and other parts of the world that we have turned our backs on.

“I am absolutely certain we are doing the right thing, it’s just that parliament doesn’t see it.”

At the rally in London on Thursday evening, Mr Farage told Leavers: “I’ve talked in the past about being worried that they may force us into a second referendum.

“I don’t want it anymore than you do but I am saying to you we have to face reality in the face.

“Don’t think the other side aren’t organised, don’t think the other side aren’t prepared, don’t think they haven’t raised the money, don’t think they haven’t got the teams in place, they have.”

Olivia Utley, deputy editor of The Article, told Sky News the Leave campaign was preparing a new slogan of “tell them again”.

Theresa May is in Number 10 holding talks with MPs for much of today and is due to go to Chequers before the evening.

She has until Monday to draw up her Brexit Plan B before she must present it to the Commons.

(c) Sky News 2019: Nigel Farage to ‘stand again as an MEP’ as he warns of second Brexit referendum

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