Nikolai Glushkov: Daughter found Putin critic’s body in ‘trashy set-up of a suicide’


The daughter of murdered Kremlin critic Nikolai Glushkov has said she found his body in a “trashy set-up of a suicide”.

Natalia Glushkova also said her father’s death and the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury – the week before her father was killed – may be linked.

“Skripal’s case was very loud,” she said. “If you want something to go unnoticed you make a firework.”

It is possible her father’s murder may have been a targeted hit, she said, but would not comment on who might be responsible.

Ms Glushkova, who is in her 30s, said that when she discovered her father at his home in New Malden, southwest London last March, she could “see some traces of physical harm done to him”.

Whoever killed Mr Glushkov, 68, entered his home without breaking or damaging the door, and his large ridgeback dog appears not to have barked.

Ms Glushkova said that was “weird”, adding: “The dog was extremely protective of Dad.”

There have been no arrests since Scotland Yard launched a murder inquiry four days after the businessman’s body was discovered.

When Ms Glushkova found her father, who had apparently been strangled, “the picture was so trashy”, she told The Guardian.

She added: “It looked like a cheap set-up of a suicide. My father was a kind soul, always positive, and a very refined person. I had never seen any sort of depression in him.”

Mr Glushkov, 68, a former deputy director of Russian airline Aeroflot, was a close friend of Vladimir Putin critic Boris Berezovsky.

Mr Berezovsky was found dead with a ligature around his neck in the bathroom of a mansion in Ascot, Berkshire, in 2013.

Mr Glushkov accused the Kremlin of being behind his death.

The Russian had fled his home country and claimed political asylum in the UK after being accused of fraud during his time with Aeroflot.

After a trial was held without him, Mr Glushkov was convicted in 2004 of stealing £87m from the airline and sentenced to eight years in jail.

On the day his body was discovered, 12 March 2018, he had been due to attend the commercial court in London to defend himself.

Miss Glushkova told the Press Association it was “literally devastating” not to know what had happened to her father.

“I still live with the same pictures and it’s hard,” she said.

“It’s hard to remember what you’ve seen on that day. It’s something you can never imagine. It’s something you see in the movies.”

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