PETA sparks outrage by barbecuing fake dog to promote veganism


PETA has sparked outrage by barbecuing a fake dog at an Australian shopping centre – a stunt designed to encourage people to embrace veganism.

Demonstrators from the animal rights group descended on the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney to hold the protest, which has been branded “sick” and “disgusting” by shoppers who saw it.

One witness said the organisation was “stooping to new lows” – and claimed they saw “some visibly upset kids” who were out and about during their summer break.

PETA said it wanted to encourage people to reconsider what they cook for their upcoming Australia Day feast, when families come together to celebrate the official national day on 26 January,

The canine prop was barbecued over a banner stating: “If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb? Go vegan!”

Another person who saw the stunt tweeted: “Just when you think PETA can’t get any lower, they pull a stunt like this, scaring small children in Sydney.

“How about stop pushing your agenda on everyone else?! You should be disgusted.”

Another wrote: “That supposed protest in Sydney is more inhumane than any slaughtering of animals. Keep them out of public places. It should be classed as public nuisance!

“Kids around? That is further reason to stop this! Exposing them to this??? Cruel.”

It is not the first time PETA has been criticised for trying to encourage others to adopt its views.

Last year, in a bizarre publicity stunt, the group wrote a polite letter to a parish council in Dorset to ask it to change the name of the village of Wool to Vegan Wool.

One councillor told Sky News they thought it was a “late April Fool’s joke”.

PETA has defended the fake barbecue.

The animal rights group said: “As humans, we instinctively feel compassion and empathy for animals, but we’re taught that it’s OK to enslave and eat some of them, without a second thought as to who they are as individuals.

“While humans typically consider dogs to be loyal companions, with personalities of their own, the sheep, chickens, pigs, and cows who are cut up into bite-sized pieces for human consumption are just as feeling and loving.”

Those who do adopt veganism are unlikely to put their choice down to such stunts, but the diet is becoming more popular in the UK every year.

Many people are taking part in so-called “Veganuary” as a healthy way to start the year and to help burn the Christmas calories, despite efforts by the sausage roll police to deplore it as nothing more than a fad.

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