St Helens head coach Justin Holbrook says Super League rule changes will enhance the game


Justin Holbrook says the rule changes for the 2019 Super League season will help enhance the game as a whole for spectators.

A number of changes, including shot clocks and Golden Point extra time, have been brought in ahead of the new season, which gets underway as St Helens face Wigan Warriors on Thursday, live on Sky Sports Arena.

The St Helens head coach, hopes the changes will help eradicate any wrongdoing in the game and make it better for those watching.

“I think it helps the whole game, it’s going to speed up and be fantastic for everyone who comes live or if you’re watching it on Sky,” Holbrook told Sky Sports News.

“Every new rule that has come in is to make our game quicker and better for spectators and as coaches, players and officials that’s what we want.

“The game is built on hard work and honesty so there were a few little things that were creeping into the game that people don’t like seeing, so hopefully these new rules have fixed all that up and it’ll be a better game to watch.”

While St Helens won the League Leaders’ Shield in 2018, they failed to make the Grand Final after losing 13-18 to Warrington Wolves in their semi-final.

Holbrook is hoping the team can continue the same momentum this season leading up to the potential big games, starting with their clash with local rivals Wigan.

“It’s a great start. It’s a tough game but it’ll be tough whoever you play. Luckily enough, I think it’s great for our game and our season to kick off with St Helens vs Wigan first up,” added Holbrook.

“There’s a lot of disappointment from last year and the beauty about this is we start a new season so we want to play like we did last year but get better in the big games.

“We can’t do that until the end of the year so it’s about putting ourselves in the position to play those games at the end of the year.”

(c) Sky News 2019: St Helens head coach Justin Holbrook says Super League rule changes will enhance the game

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