Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Brexit rumbles on as businesses express relief, fury and uncertainty

But it was followed by a concerted demand for some kind of resolution

Customs industry ‘not ready for Brexit’

That is the view of one of the most high-profile figures in the British customs industry, who chairs a key committee advising the government

Lorries face huge queues in a no-deal Brexit, say industry insiders

Industry insiders have told Sky News they fear that document checks could lead to huge queues on the motorways leading to Channel ports in Kent - undermining work to speed lorries through from Dover to Calais

Govt could put more freight on trains in no-deal Brexit

Sky News has seen documents showing that the Department for Transport signed a contract with a company called Steer, Davies and Gleave to offer advice on transporting "critical supplies, such as medical supplies" if the UK were to leave the European Union without a deal

As British politicians dither, Calais acts to solve Brexit problems

We have wondered whether Calais could cope, and the standard answer has tended to be an abrupt "no"

Calais port ready for Brexit ‘whenever it happens’

Jean-Marc Puissesseau, the port's boss, told Sky News that he had overseen €6m of work designed to prepare the port for Brexit, and claimed that if the plans were followed "there should be no more delays after Brexit than there were before"

Brexit: This is what business uncertainty looks like

Demands for clarity have gone unanswered. Trust in politicians has been fractured

Brexit: Hundreds of gagging orders taken out by government

The orders, formerly known as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), are legally binding contracts to stop confidential conversations being talked about in public

No-deal Brexit tariffs: The winners and losers

It was deemed to be too market-sensitive to embrace a proper consultation so today's announcement caught many on the hop

Norton motorbike boss: Brexit has kicked us up the backside

A motorbike firm that builds its products by hand