Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Libya warlord accused of using child soldiers to fight forces of...

The prisoners came walking out in single file, most with no shoes on their feet, some with their head bowed. These are some of the men, their captors claim, who were preparing to fight to take over the Libyan capital, Tripoli

Libya: Third night of ‘barbaric’ bombings in Tripoli

The prime minister of the internationally-recognised government in the capital called the attacks "barbaric" and the interior minister told Sky News that the assaults were akin to war acts perpetrated by Hitler

Libya: UN-backed PM says 800,000 migrants could reach Europe amid instability

Fayez al Sarraj, a trained architect who entered politics in his 50s, is a man with a tough message and he's not mincing his words right now

Venezuela: Starving children forced to feed off rubbish dumps

"Food," one of the starving children calls out at a rubbish dump in Venezuela's second city, Maracaibo

Venezuela: Plunged into anarchy – A city on edge after frenzied...

A fortnight after the city was plunged into anarchy with hundreds of civilians ransacking more than 500 shops and businesses, the city is still on edge

Venezuela: After days of darkness, mob’s orgy of violence has left...

Venezuela's second city is still clearing up after an orgy of violence and wanton destruction that ripped through more than five hundred shops and businesses during the nationwide power cuts recently

‘I don’t trust anyone’: The British women who married IS jihadis

She is not wearing the all-covering black Islamic dress and veil that most of the women walking around the camp are dressed in

IS using women and children as human shields in extremists’ final...

Coalition soldiers have suspended attacks temporarily to try to encourage civilians inside the IS enclave to come out through a humanitarian corridor they have created in the desert

Face-to-face with child soldiers told to rape and kill in South...

Our inquiries also found repeated examples of rape being used as a weapon of war, and we have also spoken to the child soldiers ordered to carry out those rapes