Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Change UK reveal Rachel Johnson and Gavin Esler as European Parliament...

They were among 70 people from a mix of backgrounds who gathered in Bristol on Tuesday to present themselves as the "Remain alliance"

Tory MP Christopher Davies fined for false expenses invoices

Sentencing the Brecon and Radnorshire MP on Tuesday, Mr Justice Edis said: "It seems shocking that when confronted with a simple accounting problem, you thought to forge documents

Labour MP Grahame Morris apologises over fake Israel attack video

Grahame Morris apologised after the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) accused him of spreading "lies"

Gagging orders for NHS whisteblowers to be banned, Health Secretary Matt...

Matt Hancock said he wants more people to feel they can "put their head above the parapet" and described the use of some Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) as "completely inappropriate"

Senior Tory and Labour MPs restart compromise talks on Brexit

Senior Conservative MPs, including the Brexit secretary, are expected to meet their Labour shadows in a series of compromise talks throughout the week

Third of English residents think Scottish bank notes are fake –...

Go in to a shop in England and try to pay with a banknote issued north of the border, but get told it can't be accepted

Labour deletes ‘happy Passover’ Twitter post after backlash over image of...

The week-long festival is celebrated annually in Judaism, during which observers are prohibited from eating leaven - a substance used to make baked dough rise

‘Admit you were wrong’: UKIP deputy calls for a U-turn over...

Mr Batten admitted it was "ill-considered" but has not dropped the YouTuber-turned-candidate Carl Benjamin from UKIP's runners to become a member of European parliament (MEP)

911 call that exposed parents’ torture of a dozen children released

The call came from a young girl, who risked severe punishment by her parents for jumping free from the filthy house through a window and finding a phone box

Dingoes drag 14-month-old baby out of caravan as his parents sleep

The family were sleeping when a dingo entered the caravan - and the parents woke up to the sound of their 14-month-old boy's cries fading as he was dragged away