Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Brexit delay: Halloween extension feels like the final nail in Theresa...

Fitting then, that the EU27 have agreed to a Halloween Brexit - setting 31 October as the new deadline for the UK to leave the EU with a review point in June - given it is this Article 50 extension that could finally kill off her premiership

PM hints at general election to break Brexit deadlock

They perhaps hoped that by rejecting the deal, Britain will leave with no deal on 12 April - the date the UK is scheduled to leave the EU with or without an agreement

Theresa May’s resignation could be price for backing Brexit deal

The past 72 hours have been punishing for the prime minister: bounced into asking the EU for a Brexit extension by her cabinet and parliament, she then suffered the indignity of Brussels imposing their timetable on her

Theresa May’s unspoken catchphrase rings out loudly: ‘Back my Brexit deal...

Whenever she was asked whether she'd have to postpone Brexit given that she has been forced to delay the critical Commons vote again with just 32 days to go until B-day, she trotted out this line

PM to push for peace deal in Yemen during EU-Arab states...

The prime minister, speaking on her way to the EU-league of Arab states summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, said the "situation in Yemen cannot go on."

Spring statement may be brought forward in race to deliver Brexit

The chancellor is due to deliver his spring statement on 11 March, when he will provide MPs with an update on the UK's economic outlook

Ministers brace for Brexit delay – with or without an exit...

A senior government source told Sky News both options could require delaying Brexit day beyond 29 March because of the weight of legislation that needs to pass through the House of Commons to facilitate either option

Boris Johnson dumped dirt on May’s Brexit deal in his bid...

He then went on to offer his boss some unsolicited advice about how to resolve the Brexit paralysis; Get back to Brussels and negotiate some more