Saturday, February 23, 2019
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At least seven Jamaica deportees ‘granted reprieve’ before charter flight

Some of those who had been set to be deported - many of whom had been in the UK for decades - have told Sky News that some attempted to self harm as the group was taken from a detention centre

Home Secretary Sajid Javid accused of ‘pandering to far-right racism’ over...

Labour MPs called for the flight, believed to be scheduled to leave on Wednesday, to be suspended until the cases of those on board have been further reviewed

Afghanistan veteran with PTSD detained ahead of deportation to Jamaica

The family of Twane Morgan say he knows no one in Jamaica and believe his deportation will lead to a serious decline in his mental health, as well as leaving his five children, who are all British, without a father

Men charged with plot to attack US community of Islamberg with...

The three men and one teenager had access to 23 rifles and shotguns and three homemade bombs when they were arrested this weekend, police said