Saturday, April 20, 2019
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New North Korea test is warning to get talks restarted

It is a seeming stalemate nearly two months since Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un failed to reach a deal in Hanoi at their second summit

Inmates treated ex-Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos as a ‘political celebrity’

"Most of them support the president including most of the guards there and I guess the inmates saw me as a bit of a political celebrity…I was in there with doctors, lawyers and businessmen," he said

As Mueller’s two-year investigation ends, what could happen next?

The special counsel's team has quietly and protectively been beavering away in an unremarkable office in southeast Washington while the rest of us are left to speculate on what they may or may not be thinking

‘We’re ready for a US-UK deal’: Trump adviser John Bolton says...

In a UK exclusive, the former US ambassador to the UN said: "We are ready to go, we are ready to go."

Trump’s daughter-in-law tells rivals: Wait until 2024, you won’t beat him

The president's daughter-in-law is now senior adviser to the 2020 re-election campaign and she's feeling confident about his chances

Can music save Venezuela? Richard Branson hopes so

The streets were thronging with people. Bands played drums, as street vendors loudly sold water. A sea of Venezuelan flags and faces old and young beamed with optimism

Raj Shah: Former press secretary speaks about Donald Trump’s presidency

He is now working for Ballard Partners, a lobbying firm with offices in Florida and Washington

US government shutdown: Domestic violence shelter unable to help women and...

The political impasse in Washington means that a domestic violence shelter here is about to lose access to the federal funding it so desperately relies on