Saturday, April 20, 2019
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New technology sparks hopes of a mining revival in Cornwall

A team of geologists is planning to start mining for lithium - a key component in batteries - contained in hot springs deep under the Cornish countryside

Fisherman’s Friends feel-good film a hit in troubled times

The Fisherman's Friends film - released last month - tells the story of a group of fishermen and workers from the village of Port Isaac who signed a million pound record deal 10 years ago

Angelo Jurado-Marmolejo: Tearful mother pleads for ‘abducted’ son to be returned

Angelo Jurado-Marmolejo has not been seen since his father Rafael Jurado-Cabello failed to return him to his mother's home in Bristol following a pre-arranged visit on 2 March

Police want dog DNA database as attacks on livestock increase

According to the organisation SheepWatch UK, 15,000 farm animals were killed by dogs in 2016

Bristol Port hopes to profit from a Brexit boost if no...

The port - stretching for miles between the Bristol Channel and the M5 - covers nearly 2,500 acres - 800 acres assigned to so-called Temporary Storage Areas - some of which it says can be made available

Public awareness of air pollution dangers in UK ‘worryingly low’, experts...

"If you get asthma it makes it severe and even in healthy children reduced lung growth so children who become then adults have lower lung function than they should have," he added

‘Too much effort’ to interact with real life as kids struggle...

The survey, by broadcast regulator Ofcom, found children aged between five and 15 in the UK now spend 20 minutes more online than watching television during a typical day