Friday, April 19, 2019
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Mueller report: What to look out for in redacted 400-page document...

The release of the nearly 400-page document is highly anticipated, however, it will be redacted

North Korea ‘increasingly’ using cryptocurrency to evade sanctions

This form of money, such as Bitcoin, probably only plays a peripheral role in Pyongyang's fundraising and sanctions-evasion efforts at present, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) paper said

Further Brexit impasse could crack EU’s united front

Had it not been for Emmanuel Macron, the meeting of the 27 European Union member states - plus a guest appearance from Theresa May - would have wrapped up much faster and the UK would have been offered a flexible Brexit extension of at least until the end of the year, possibly even next spring

Whatever Brexit delay EU offers, it will come with conditions

12 April had been the new deadline for Brexit Day if (as transpired) Theresa May failed to win support for her withdrawal agreement following her first request to the remaining 27 EU member states for extra time - remember the UK should have left the bloc on 29 March

UK mum facing jail in Dubai after calling ex-husband’s new wife...

Laleh Shahravesh and her 14-year-old daughter Paris were both arrested at the airport when they arrived in the United Arab Emirates city last month

Truce talks between Hamas and Israel on track after latest Gaza...

There was further evidence of good will on Sunday morning when Israel reopened two border crossings with the Palestinian enclave after they were closed last Monday when a rocket launched from Gaza landed deep inside Israel, wounding seven

Fears of bloodshed as Palestinians set for huge protest at Israel...

Mohammed Saad, 21, died after being injured during skirmishes overnight at a protest camp near to the barrier inside the Palestinian enclave, according to a Sky News source in Gaz

Israeli minister Naftali Bennett wants to ‘decimate’ militant group Hamas

Education minister Naftali Bennett, who sees himself as a future defence minister, is among the tough-talking candidates competing in a general election next month

Israelis forced to shelter in safe rooms as Gaza strikes intensify

Just one example of the military build-up ahead of what could be another night of Israeli airstrikes against the militant group Hamas, which controls the Palestinian enclave, as well as fresh Palestinian rocket attacks back onto Israel

UK urged to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia over Yemen...

The message was due to be delivered to foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt in a letter marking the fourth anniversary of the civil war between Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government, which is backed by a Saudi-led coalition