Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Sky Data: Less than a quarter of Britons expect no-deal Brexit...

Just 22% of Britons think a no-deal Brexit is likely to happen on Friday, down nine percentage points overnight - 64% think it is unlikely, up nine points

Looming Brexit day increases fear of no-deal – Sky Data

The majority of Britons still think no-deal is unlikely, but the public is becoming less certain - 31% now think it is likely that we will leave the EU without a deal on Friday, up four percentage points from yesterday, while 55% think it is unlikely, down seven points

Six in 10 Britons think no-deal Brexit unlikely this week –...

Six in 10 (62%) think the UK is unlikely to leave the EU without a deal this week, while 27% think it is likely to happen - 11% admit they don't know

European Parliament elections: A quarter of public would boycott poll

Some 26% of Britons say they would sit out elections in protest, while 47% say they would vote in them, and 17% admit they would not vote in them anyway

Sky Data poll: Little hope for success in May-Corbyn Brexit talks

Many people doubt any good will come of the talks, with 39% saying they will make no difference, and 29% expecting the outcome of Brexit to be worse as a result

Sky Data poll: Almost half of Britons unconvinced by Theresa May’s...

But the vast majority want her to resign if parliament votes against her Brexit deal for a third time

Theresa May ‘not on public’s side’ over Brexit – Sky Data...

But when it comes to the current Brexit crisis, more people are likely to blame MPs than the prime minister

Brexit: 90% say handling of negotiations is ‘national humiliation’ – Sky...

90% of the British public think the UK's behaviour as we move to leave the European Union has humiliated us as a country

Shamima Begum: 78% of Britons support revoking IS bride’s UK citizenship...

Eight in 10 Britons (78%) think Sajid Javid was right to remove the 19-year-old's citizenship, with 15% saying he was wrong, and 7% unsure

Independent Group ‘more popular than Lib Dems’: Sky Data poll

Having been unveiled in a press conference, 10% already say they would vote for them in a general election if they had a candidate in their constituency - ahead of the Liberal Democrats on 9% and UKIP on 6%