Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Shamima Begum: 78% of Britons support revoking IS bride’s UK citizenship...

Eight in 10 Britons (78%) think Sajid Javid was right to remove the 19-year-old's citizenship, with 15% saying he was wrong, and 7% unsure

Independent Group ‘more popular than Lib Dems’: Sky Data poll

Having been unveiled in a press conference, 10% already say they would vote for them in a general election if they had a candidate in their constituency - ahead of the Liberal Democrats on 9% and UKIP on 6%

Sky Data poll: Irish overwhelmingly back government’s pressure on backstop

The backstop is an insurance policy to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic if a free trade deal between the UK and EU is not reached by the end of the transition period

Sky Data poll: 44% think Liam Neeson was right to admit...

The Northern Irish actor admitted in an interview that in the past he had sought an opportunity to kill a black man in a revenge attack after a friend was raped

Sky Data poll: Public prefer a deal instead of hard Brexit

However, they are divided on whether the deal should include the Irish backstop - which would see the UK effectively remain in the EU customs union and avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Poll: Majority say Jeremy Corbyn wrong to refuse Brexit talks with...

Just over half - 51% - say Mr Corbyn is wrong not to negotiate with the prime minister with regard to Brexit unless no deal is taken off the table, with 25% saying he is right and 25% unsure