Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Former head of Parole Board calls for inmates jailed indefinitely to...

Nick Hardwick was forced to resign last year in a row over the proposed release of the most notorious IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) prisoner, taxi driver rapist John Worboys

Increased security offered to MPs amid rise in threats over Brexit

Police have confirmed that a national pool of more than 10,000 public order-trained officers is available within 24 hours, to deal with any significant disorder

Knife crime: PM hosts Downing St summit on ‘deep-seated’ problem

The so-called "public health duty" is being considered by the home secretary as part of a series of measures to tackle a recent surge in violence, which has seen knife crime reach record levels

More police allowed to use stop and search powers to combat...

Thousands more police officers will now be able to authorise enhanced search activity after the home secretary relaxed rules allowing officers at a lower level of seniority to use the tactic

Drug gangs fuel rise in British children forced into modern slavery

National Crime Agency (NCA) figures showed the number of modern slavery cases involving UK minors went from 676 in 2017 to 1,421 in 2018

Knife crime: Government’s extra £100m police funding is a ‘short-term fix’

John Apter spoke to Sky News at the end of Operation Sceptre, the annual week-long national drive against knife criminals, which has seen many hundreds of weapons taken off the streets

Knife crime crisis: Sajid Javid to hear from police on cost...

Sajid Javid gave chief constables until Friday to get back to him with a calculation of the funding required to deploy additional officers into knife crime hot spots to combat the rise in violence

Birmingham: Bleed control kits rolled out to combat knife crime epidemic

It comes as the chief constable of West Midlands' Police declared knife crime "an emergency" after three teenagers were murdered in less than a fortnight

How scrapping double jeopardy has brought killers to justice

Sunday marks 20 years since the Macpherson report into the Lawrence case recommended scrapping the centuries-old double jeopardy rule, which prevented a defendant, once acquitted, from being retried for the same crime

Prisons minister hails ‘significant progress’ after tougher security at problem jails

The last official figures showed violence was still increasing but Mr Stewart said governors at 10 prisons involved in a harm-reduction pilot had told him violence and drug-taking levels were now starting to reduce