Friday, April 19, 2019
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Liam Fox has extremely low credibility, says Unipart boss

John Neill, the group chairman and chief executive of Unipart, said Dr Fox had spoken of Britain creating a new series of free trade agreements but "not been able to find any evidence" to back up his claims

Bank of America: Brexit Britain should prepare for disruption

Brian Moynihan, chief executive of Bank of America, also said the UK needed to be much clearer about its future ambitions and to think more deeply about how it positions itself in the future shape of the world economy

OECD head Angel Gurria urges Brexit delay to avoid ‘no-deal’ risk

Angel Gurria told Sky News that there would be severe costs from a no-deal Brexit and that politicians should avoid it

‘Pessimism and uncertainty’ as the risk of a global downturn looms

Bob Moritz told Sky News that the world was "too integrated" for there not be contagion from problems in "the US, China, Brexit, or the EU"

World Economic Forum in Davos is a less starry affair this...

Its most prominent building is the Belvedere Hotel, and right across the front of the Belvedere is a banner saying: "Free Trade is Great"