Friday, April 19, 2019
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Sudan: Military oust ‘tyrant’ president – but battle is far from...

The announcement was made on television by the defence minister, Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf, and he was careful to say that he was acting on behalf of the people

Babes Wodumo’s video sparks row over domestic violence in South Africa

It all began with a searing cry for help in the form of a live-streamed broadcast on Instagram

Cyclone Idai: People are starving along the ‘road of suffering’

But the people who live along it call it the road of suffering - because it links dozens of communities in a region devastated by cyclone Idai

No aid, no government – just a rusty fishing boat to...

The vessel was called the "Sesimbra" and it had nearly finished a long trip down river

Cyclone Idai: Helicopters struggle to deliver aid after roads washed off...

The problem in Mozambique is getting the aid to the people who need it

Thousands starve as Cyclone Idai’s impact continues in Mozambique

But the celebratory shouts soon turned to despair when they realised we were actually journalists

Ethiopia plane crash: Anguish and anger at funeral for young pilot

They had come to pay their respects to Yared Getecho, the 29-year-old captain of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302

Crash pilot’s friend: ‘We played football – it won’t be the...

"When you fly you never think your plane will crash, that is for sure, so it is natural for people to assume that your flight is going to be safe," he said

‘Your face is like a shoe’: Insulted by a woman of...

They were the wives, mothers and children of Islamic State (IS) and they had decided to abandon their so-called caliphate after years of war

IS brides’ utopian fantasy has ended in de facto imprisonment

The camp is called al Hawl and people who are trying to run it - the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) - are doing their best to keep more than 42,000 recent arrivals fed and accommodated