Saturday, February 23, 2019
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IS brides’ utopian fantasy has ended in de facto imprisonment

The camp is called al Hawl and people who are trying to run it - the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) - are doing their best to keep more than 42,000 recent arrivals fed and accommodated

‘She sounded largely unrepentant’: What happened when Sky News tracked down...

She arrived at the camp two weeks ago after fleeing the village of Baghuz where IS is making its last stand

Zimbabwe: Daylight beatings instil public fear in ‘lawless’ country

As our vehicle slowed for the light on a four-lane stretch of the Chiremba Road, I caught a glimpse of a black truncheon being whipped through the air

Zimbabwe crackdown: Children shackled and caged in security round-up

The occupants are shackled and disorientated and they look out of place but the government of Zimbabwe says these people are enemies of the state

Troops return to Zimbabwe’s streets with a vengeance

It was here on the morning of 14 January that protesters took to the streets after President Emerson Mnangagwa's administration raised fuel prices by 150%

Zimbabwe’s president didn’t get the welcome home he hoped for

He had spent a week in Europe trying to drum up investment and loans to keep his bankrupt administration afloat but he came home with little in the way of financial support

‘Sudan spring’ protests build against President Omar al Bashir

In scenes reminiscent of the Arab Spring, protesters in the capital chanted for "freedom, peace and justice" with the demonstrations spreading to other towns and cities