Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Brexit crisis: Theresa May loses leverage over rebel MPs as Commons...

MPs had been under pressure to come to a consensus view on an alternative to Theresa May's plan after taking the process out of the prime minister's hands, a highly unusual move

Plan for MPs to get votes on seven Brexit options if...

A senior minister in the government told Sky News that plans are being drawn up to give MPs a choice between revoking Article 50, a second referendum, the prime minister's deal, her deal plus a customs union, the deal plus a customs union and single market access, a standard free-trade agreement

Why Theresa May can no longer trust her most senior team

But despite facing an even more difficult battle than she did a few days ago, the prime minister chose not to set out her plan for a way through the Brexit crisis, instead calmly walking ministers through the options without making a decision either way

Theresa May holds all the cards on Brexit – for now

The prime minister asked MPs to approve either a short extension if they back her deal or a longer one if they don't - the length of the delay will be decided by the middle of next week, before the EU council

Jeremy Corbyn faces pressure to back second referendum after losing vote

The Labour leader had attempted to win a majority for his plan but lost by 83 votes, including his own MP Stephen Hepburn

Theresa May’s hand was forced, but Brexit votes could work out...

After all, Theresa May is the leader who will take the UK out of the European Union after campaigning for exactly the opposite

Brexit vote defeat worsens Theresa May’s hand in EU negotiations

Although the vote was not binding, meaning it has no real bearing on what happens next in legal terms, it is politically significant and puts Theresa May in a more difficult position during negotiations

Angry split sees shadow ministers rage over antisemitism in front of...

Sky News understands that Tom Watson, the party's deputy leader, was confronted by Ian Lavery, the party chairman, which resulted in Mr Watson warning he would not be "shouted down"

May at pains to promise she’ll never allow hard border between...

On more than one occasion she reiterated her promise not to allow a hard border to be erected between the island of Ireland and the north, vowing that she will never let it happen

May ‘could call June election’ and vows to ‘battle for Britain’...

Downing Street advisers are understood to have drawn up plans to extend Article 50 - the clause which triggered the UK's withdrawal from the EU, then secure the backing of parliament for a new Brexit deal in April before calling a general election in June this year