Friday, April 19, 2019
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Technological solution to Irish border issue could be a decade away,...

A presentation drawn up by the Home Secretary's Policy Unit and sent to HMRC and the Treasury implies that they think a technological solution - which would aim to keep the Irish border entirely open and without physical checkpoints - is a distant (and likely very expensive) prospect

‘Incompetent, self-interested s****’: Fear and loathing on the doorstep over Brexit

They're used to braving the elements, leafleting and door knocking in the depths of midwinter and encountering the uninterested, the unruly and even the odd bloodthirsty dog

Make no mistake, something has finally changed on Brexit

Just two weeks ago, the prime minister stood in Downing Street defiant. She lacerated MPs, harried parliament, blamed them for the logjam. She insisted that her deal must be passed at all costs

General election closer than ever as Commons fails to make mind...

Government or opposition, ayes or noes, Tory or Labour - it's not a place where you can have a bit of everything

Commons Speaker John Bercow is not going to surrender on PM’s...

Sixteen motions to choose from, through which MPs will indicate their preference for the sort of Brexit they can accept

Brexit was about taking back control… the government has lost it

In the British system, to govern is to control the House of Commons order paper

Would a new prime minister make a difference?

Or in Boris Johnson's case, predictably, a scruffy coat and jumper and for Jacob Rees-Mogg, the all too familiar pinstripes. At Chequers, the traditional safe haven for British leaders, 13 men - and yes they were all men - told Britain's second female prime minister the game was up

The PM’s conduct puts parliament’s long-term vitality in peril

Downing Street briefed that the speaker was seeking to subvert or prevent Brexit. The prime minister lectured the Commons that it must "face the consequences of its actions"

Brexit: Things we have learned in an extraordinary week

1.) We won't be leaving the EU on 29 March

An old rule means Bercow could take drastic action on Brexit

But on Wednesday, in yet another typically mellifluous performance, something stood out