Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Government delays controversial internet porn ‘block’ law

Under the controversial plans, people will have to verify their age to access UK commercial pornographic websites in a bid to stop children accessing the content

Apple TV + unlikely to take down streaming giant Netflix

The company which brought us the iPhone and iPad enjoys shrouding its launches in secrecy. The industry was expecting a new TV streaming platform but the breadth of services they actually uncovered was unexpected

Prejudice ‘risking the future’ of grime music, say MPs

A report by the Commons media select committee says despite grime being one of the "UK's most exciting musical exports", venue owners and councils are failing to support urban music, with venues demonstrating "unfounded concerns" over licensing

Brit nominee Chloe Howl: Masses of female musicians have been raped

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter added that she hopes the industry will have soon have its #MeToo moment

The Favourite: How a story in a London newspaper led...

The plot revolves around the real life relationship between Queen Anne and two women - Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough, and Abigail Masham

Time’s Up for the Oscars over gender imbalance, campaigners warn

Launched in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the campaign's aim was to bring about systemic change for women - not just in the entertainment industry but across society

BAFTA diversity policy has sparked ‘seismic’ shift in film-making, says BFI...

For the first time this year the BAFTA film awards has made it mandatory for films competing in two categories - outstanding British film and outstanding debut - to comply with two out of four of the BFI's diversity standards

Sky News Raw: Media ‘must work hard to gain public trust’

Baroness Lane Fox of Soho, who also runs "responsible tech" think tank Doteveryone, said she believes that traditional media outlets have to take some responsibility for the explosion of fake news, as do social media platforms

Maisie Williams: ‘No one will be satisfied when Game Of Thrones...

Williams, 21, who has grown up playing Arya Stark, told Sky News that fans just don't want it to end but for her "it's the right time" for it to finish